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Headphones & Earphones

Discover the very best in Headphones and Earphones in both wired and wireless categories. In price range starting 1000 Rupees and going upwards. Read reviews & specifications to find out which earbuds have the best audio quality, which headphones have the best ANC and much more.

Washing Machines

Need washing machine for your laundry needs, old one causing problems? Or buying your first washing machine yet. Click below to discover which brand has got which features, what are their prices, PROS & CONS and which washing machine suits you the best.

Air Conditioners

Need an Air conditioner to fight the onslaught of heat and humidity? Are you confused as to which A/C is the best? Well categorically reviews and lists the pros and cons of various Air conditioners in varying capacities such as 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton. Select from the very best of Window and Split Air Conditioners.

Baby Products

Need the very best diaper to keep your young one fresh and clean? Have a read at the following blog posts to discover details such as softness, material quality, fitting and absorption of various diapers in India.

DIY Guide

Here we frequently cover topics and write Guides which are not to be found anywhere else on the whole World Wide Web. So go on and read.


We all love a good pair of speakers, be it for music or home theater. Underneath are review and comparison listing in which we test some of the best speakers as well as soundbars you can buy for your room or home theater setup. Get hooked!

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