Amazon Delivery Agent Not Answering?

Amazon Delivery Agent Doesn’t Pickup Your Calls?

How To Get Amazon Delivery Agent To Pickup Your Phone.

First and foremost, do note that Amazon Delivery Agent may be driving or riding so don’t call continuously. Furthermore it is possible that Amazon agent is busy someplace. As a result he/she is unable to answer your calls or queries.

So respect that and give enough time between calls. It will give benefit of doubt to them. After all they do work tirelessly in varied temperatures and weather to deliver you your goodies.

However if you feel that Amazon courier agent has blocked the number through which the calls are routed (where you enter the PIN), then we have a perfect solution for this problem. This unique solution is not found anywhere else on the internet.

As a result of the under given solution you can easily circumvent the call blocking placed by delivery agents, thanks to

Contact Amazon Delivery Agent Easily.

This topic assumes that you have the PIN needed to contact the delivery person.

This PIN is a 4 digit number and is shared on E-Mail, SMS and can be viewed in my orders section too.

Remember do not confuse this PIN with OTP that is received for accepting certain orders. Keep this OTP with you and share it according to the delivery terms and conditions mentioned in orders page.

View Amazon Delivery Agent Contact On Orders Page

Amazon Delivery Agent

Why do Amazon Delivery Agents do not answer the call? Worse do you get a busy tone too quickly? This happens because they have sometimes blocked the contact number altogether. Subsequently no calls go through or you get a ringer for a second or 2 at max.

Thankfully Amazon delivery contact systems are centralized nationwide. As a result we can dial contact number of another location first and then dial the agent PIN to get around the call blocking.

Various alternative Amazon Delivery contact numbers are listed below for your use and help.


Therefore use any of the above numbers to try and get through. Subsequently you can ask about your parcel delivery, when they are coming and why are they late.

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  1. shrishti khanna

    well this worked for me, the guy was had blocked my city number and i wanted to know when was he coming.

  2. Ritu

    never knew this would work!

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