Best Floorstanding Speakers You Can Buy

We List Below Best Floorstander Speakers You Can Buy In India.

1. Polk Audio Signature S60 Floorstanders

Polk Audio Signature Series is a mid tier quality offering from the American Hi-Fi brand and the S60 is eldest brother of the lot. As is with this entire series the build quality, craftsmanship and finish is top notch. Weighing in around 23.50 kilos they are hefty and the size will surely make its presence felt in the room, they show their true potential in big rooms.

Polk employs one terylene tweeter and three woofer drivers together with a uniquely positioned and patented bottom firing port. The Polk S60 get a Hi-Res Audio certification too thanks to extended frequency response of the custom designed tweeter. These towers can go loud, they pack in lots of dynamics to reach good volumes to immerse you in music and movies. The bass impact from 3 drivers and bottom firing port is astonishing, even for movies the impact LFE was felt and was quite decent. The sound-stage upfront is really huge and wide, they envelop you completely. The treble is always clean and right, never fatiguing you. Thanks to good power handling they kept good foot hold over the overall output without breaking a sweat.

  • Excellent overall performer.
  • Deep lows and bass output.
  • God value for money offering.
  • Craftsmanship and unique looks.
  • Mid range seemed to overshadow music in some tracks

2. Monitor Audio Monitor 300 Floorstanders

The Monitor 300s are a budget offering from the house of Monitor Audio. These floor standers are decent looking and honestly from a few feet away they look far more expensive than they actually are. These come with 3 165mm drivers of which two are dedicated bass and one handles both mid and bass. The tweeter is 25mm metal composite tweeter.

These loudspeakers pack some punch although they are definitely built to a price. They sing loud and clear mostly. Overall sound is well balanced. The way bass is handled by these speakers is phenomenal, playing all notes of bass with utmost authority and good levels of precision. They are tuned to be mostly flat without any gimmicky bass bumps. Although midrange lacks a bit, still these towers are a great value for the price they are offered at. They have a little warm sound compared to some of the brands other higher end offerings.

  • Good volume capability.
  • Excellent sound presentation.
  • Value for money.
  • Slightly disappointing mid range.
  • Light built weight.

3. Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ Floorstanding Speakers

The mighty Airmotiv T2+ are top of the line speakers from Emotiva and the do feel like it. Solid construction, extremely well dampened, decent looks, lots of mass. Even though lack extravagant finish of some of the competition they make up for that is the robust construction and build quality.

Much like every other product in their line up these loudspeakers are excellent performers. They are the perfect performance speaker in every sense of the word. Authoritative bass will literally make a sub-woofer redundant. Crisp and airy highs from the AMT Airmotiv tweeter will always make you want to listen to them more. Mid range which is just right keeps all dialogues and vocals always clear and presented with right tonality. The instrument separation and stereo imaging is bang on the target. Overall they are excellent performers and are hard to fault except that they are 4 ohms rated and in order for them to perform to their potential they need a capable amplifier.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Smooth & fast treble.
  • Authoritative bass.
  • Simple industrial looks.
  • Are power hungry.
  • Expensive since they have had a hold of market.

4. Focal Chorus 726V Floorstanding Speakers

Chorus 726V is the eldest sibling in the Focal Chorus 700 series of loudspeakers. These are very well built and somewhat compact floorstanding speakers. The cabinet is made of thick panels and it has quite robust internal bracing to help with resonances. These are 3 way speakers with one inverted-dome tweeter with an aluminium/magnesium alloy diaphragm, two 165mm woofers and one 165mm midrange driver with a different dust cap style.

Sonically the 726Vs sound impressive as soon as you start listening to them, they are really upfront and dynamic. The mid bass is really strong and although it doesn’t go really low, it does the job really well in fact too well, it never got muddy. These can be turned up to decent volumes but they start getting a bit harsh for a lack of technical term. They sound stage they develop is wide and spacious and these are lively speakers. Together with good looks, finish and all round musical capability they are a good buy.

  • Good bass.
  • Compact design.
  • Fast and agile presentation.
  • Wide sound-stage.
  • Little bright treble.
  • Slightly high upper bass performance.

5. Dali Spektor 6 Floorstanding Speakers

Spektor 6 is a budget offering from Dali, infact it is their most low cost offering in floorstading speaker category. This shows in the way it is built, its light weight built but engineering inside shows the attention to detail. The exterior is plain, boxy and minimalist. The look low cost but not cheap. The dont look bad but comparing to Dalis so of other offering it sure does feel low cost.

Place the Spetors in a decent sized room with breathing space and these start to show the they sound very well. The sound stage is wide and with plenty of detail. The Spektor 6s sound laid back and are warm speakers, it is not a bad thing. The mid range and vocals are excellent , the laid back tone makes them a very wast speaker to listen to. The treble is a bit lacking but it not too bad. The dispersion on these is very wide and this means you get the same sweet warmth of sound in a larger area in the listening environment. The bass is best described as apt and right there. They don’t put out chest slamming bass. It is spectacular budget speaker.

  • Natural sounding speakers.
  • Relaxed treble, means no fatigue.
  • Decent bass.
  • Wide dispersion.
  • Need a decent sized room and space at rear to perform best.
  • Lacks detailed sound.

6. Q Acoustics 3050 Floorstand Speakers

Q Acoustics 3050 floorstanders have got a clean look to them, are will built with decent weight. The cabinet is rather sturdy and damped. The cruved corners and outrigger feet give it good overall ‘from space’ look.

The 3050s are a minimalist 2 way design and even the crossover has minimum component. The overall sound is impressive from these towers and they present good delicate sounds with utmost finesse. The bass is good with lots of wholesomeness to it, compressing ever so slightly at very high sound levels. The tweeter is equally good and presents all the instruments and musical notes with utmost clarity. We are impressed that these loudspeakers perform so well in their price bracket and so easy to power thanks to their relatively high sensitivity.

  • High sensitivity means they sing with low power.
  • Great vocals and dialogues.
  • Decent overall sound.
  • Classy looks.
  • Bass is okay but can get muddy at high volumes.
  • A little coarse treble sometimes.

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