Best Headphones Under ₹ 25000 In India

Following are Best Wired Headphones Under 25000 In India.

Best Headphones You Can Buy Under 25000 Rupees in India

Best Audiophile Headphones In India Under ₹ 25000.

Below is a list of best wired headphones you can buy in India under ₹ 25000.

Good wired headphones help in creating and mixing the perfect content. Therefore audiophile pair is needed to ensure the the content / soundtrack is dynamic, neutral and well balanced in character. For that reason the headphones need to be smooth, natural sounding and have good dynamic output capability.

We present some of the best headphones under 25000 Rupees for you. Make an informed purchase thanks to Buy.Guru headphone reviews

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium Wired Headphones

Blue Lola Wired Headphones

Meters OV-1 Wired Headphones

HIFIMAN Deva Open-Back Planar Wired Headphone

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Wired Headphones

Denon Music Maniac AH-MM300 On-Ear Wired Headphones

1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium Headphones

45mm drivers, open-back, 32-250-600 ohms, over-ear

The beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium are a rich and a very well made premium pair of headphones. These have an impressive build quality and are very niche thanks to use of high quality materials. The overall comfort levels are good owing to soft ear pads and comfy headband. These headphones are available in 32, 250 and 600 ohms impedance.

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Beyerdynamic have tuned these headphones to sound very transparent. To elaborate the bass is really deep and adds good amounts of thump without any overhang or muddiness. Comparably the mid-range is spot on and complements bass with superb details and excellent instrument separation. Smooth treble response reveals plenty of details while keeping the audio free from harshness. In conclusion these are one of the best wired headphones under 25000 with lots of musicality and flexibility.


Superlative bass and mid-range.
Rich looks and durable build.
Many variants to suit different amplifications.


Bulky design.
Slightly veil mids.

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2. Blue Lola Wired Headphones

50mm drivers, closed-back, 42 ohms, over-ear

Blue Lola are a unique, expensive and a premium pair of Hi-Fi wired headphones. They weigh nearly a ton thanks to their rigid and solid construction. Generous padding on the headband and ear-cups keep matters graciously comfortable though. Their overall style and design is unconventional and could have polarizing opinions to say the least. Let us get into knowing how these wired headphones equipped with 50mm drivers sound, right below.

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The sound quality of these headphones revolves around accuracy and as such the bass is strong and lean but definitely not earth shattering kinds. Similarly the mid-range is well pronounced and presents audio with great details and astonishing depth, it does put life into music. Treble is a bit bright and can border on harshness o some brighter tracks however it does have a tendency to be very revealing and brings out highs with wonderful resolution. The thick padding and cushions do a fantastic job of noise isolation. It is evidently clear that these are perhaps one of the finest and best headphones under 25000 Rupees in India.


Wonderful audio profile and decent output.
Well built and quite comfortable.
Good noise isolation.


Bulky design.

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3. Meters OV-1 Wired Headphones

40mm drivers, closed-back, 32 ohms, ANC, over-ear

The OV-1 headphones are one of the most unique and good looking headphones we have ever come across. They sport volume unit- VU meters on each of the ear-cups with a soft back light. Most of us love VU meters but having one in headphones has a bit of a polarizing effect, you either love it or hate it. Which ever camp you belong in , these headphones inarguably are attention magnets, especially when worn in public. Overall the headphones are quite large and very heavy too. Thankfully the comfort levels are good and that is a direct result of plush memory foam ear pads and headband.

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Coming to the meat of these headphones it is quite evident from the get go that these have a bass oriented sound profile. Bass is output with utmost authority and force and that too without ever feeling strained. Treble and highs are focused, crisp and preserve details even though bass rocks these headphones. Similarly mid range and vocals are clear and natural sounding, despite being bass heavy the mids and highs soar and can get rather dynamic on demand. It goes without saying that these are one of the most unique and different looking wired headphones, and that does not take away a single paisa from how they sound, which is very good and powerful to say the least.


Superb and strong audio output.
Exquisite looks.
Premium designing and build.
ANC, VU meters.


Heavy and bulky design.
Soft treble response.

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4. HIFIMAN Deva Open-Back Planar Magnetic Hi-Fi Headphone

planar drivers, open-back, 18 ohms, over-ear

Deva is an affordable headphone offering from audiophile brand Hifiman. First thing that strikes upfront is their rich and luxurious looks. Additionally the general build quality is impressive thanks to use of premium materials. Finally comfort levels are magnificent as a consequence of plush padding and ergonomics. The impedance of these headphones is 18 ohms.

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Deva uses a magnetic planar drivers in each of the cups that lends it an exquisite sound signature. While the bass is not as forceful as some might expect, the natural texture to it is very satisfying. Furthermore mid-range is transparent and dynamic. To top it off treble will impress everyone with its superlative extension and resolution. Verdict being that the Deva are a fabulous and one of the best pair of audiophile headphones, with planar drivers under ₹ 25000 in India.


Audio quality is first class.
Ergonomic and comfortable design.
Premium and rich looks.


Bass lacks rumble and thump in lower regions.

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5. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Wired Headphones

50mm drivers, closed-back, 32 ohms, over-ear, Microphone

V-Moda Crossfade M100 are a stylish and modern looking pair of wired headphones. The feel well built as a result of use of high quality dense plastic and metals, although on the down side the exposed wires look put of place and feel somewhat flimsy. The comfort levels are decent although the lack of depth in ear cups could pose as a problem from some.

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The sound profile of M100 headphones is very good and warm. They have lots of bass which not only extends very low and deep but also is precise and strong. Correspondingly the mid rang is strong too and outputs vocals and instruments with a feel of whole bodied sound with a natural texture. Treble response is flat, smooth and somewhat relaxed however on the upside it makes listening to music and audio literally free of fatigue. It can very well be argued that they are a bit pricey but nonetheless they make for a great if not best pair of headphones under ₹ 25000 in India


Audio quality is very good.
Premium and rich looks.


Moderate comfort levels only.
Exposed wires look out of place.

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6. Denon Music Maniac AH-MM300 Headphones

40mm drivers, closed-back, 32 ohms, on-ear

AH-MM300 are beautiful, stylish and elegant looking pair of wired headphones from the house of Denon. They seem to be very well built as a result of use of metals and solid plastics subsequently they feel very sturdy. They are quite light in weight and add to that their comfortable ear pads, it makes for a very comfortable and ergonomic fitting. Moreover their form factor is small and it makes them quite portable for traveling. 32 ohms impedance enables them to be used with any and all sorts of equipment with relative ease.

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They sue a 40mm dynamic driver in each ear cup which is responsible for the dynamic sound profile of these wired headphones. These pack a punch in bass department and adds a decent flavor to the music which makes it more engaging to listen to. Moreover mid range is strong and well balanced and keeps up pretty darn well with the bass and lows. Treble takes a back seat in the sound stage and although it is not too laid back it makes them sound a bit warm. Nevertheless the treble is well focused and very detailed. Fantastic noise isolation both ways helps make a stronger case for the Denon AH-MM300 which are a good sounding pair of headphones under 25000 Rupees in India.


Superb overall audio quality.
Lightweight and comfy fitting.
Premium and rich looks.
Fantastic noise isolation and leakage.


Treble is a bit laid back.

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Find Best Headphones For Around 25000 Rupees In India.

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