Best Wireless Earphones in India For ₹ 2000

Tangled Wire, Broken Buds, No 3.5mm Jack? Well It’s About The Time You Splurged On A Pair Of Bluetooth Earphones. Below are some of the finest Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones for around 2000 .

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

9.2mm drivers, microphone, IP55, 20 hours battery

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z are an exceptional pair of earphones that literally have it all. Its a simple neckband design which is practical to use. These sport metal casings for earbuds and have a rubber wrapped neckband, although it doesn’t reek quality but its hard to find any faults in their build and construction. Comfort levels are supreme and the light weight of the earbuds help when worn for long duration. Fitting is heavenly and the silicone tips not only provide good grip, these also isolate much of the outside noise. If we have to nitpick, we would have loved to see better tactile feel on the physical buttons. Do note that the Bullets Wireless Z feel more expensive than the price tag suggests. The overall battery capacity is good and fast charge makes using them a breeze. Available in a few color options.

The Bullets Wireless Z are a pair of earphones which have been tuned to appeal to the masses, and that it will. There is plentiful bass as a result of the aforementioned tuning but that doesn’t make the mid-range or mid bass muddy or exaggerated. Treble does leave a bit to be desired with somewhat early roll-off which takes the edge of lively tracks but makes some other tracks sound a bit dull, EQ is much needed. The sound presentation is good with enough volume capability and dynamics, all of it make for a compelling case for these, a pair of budget wireless headphones. in conclusion these sound like a good pair of wireless headphones at a VFM proposition.

  • Strong bass.
  • Durable yet lightweight construction.
  • Excellent battery and fast charging.
  • Slightly rolled off treble.

2. Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

9mm drivers, microphone, 15 hours battery

The Sony WI C200 headphones are a classic example of how to design and tune a pair of headphones that have a wide appeal, yes that is how good these are. Since Sony is a popular name in consumer electronics for many decades we were not surprised by the excellent design which is light weight and really comfortable to sport. Durability also doesn’t seem to be an issue given the quality of materials used. Battery life is very good at 15 hours of rated usage. Available in white and black only.

Sony usually has a signature sound to all the audio products they sell which is decent to say the least and this is no exception. These headphones will greet you with quality sound that will impress you and keep you entertained. Its produces a perfect blend of music which sounds just right. The 9mm drivers perform really well and give the music the necessary punch with fast transients. The highs are airy, fast. Mid range is a tab bit laid back but that is a function of the overall tuning of the headphones. Call quality is another matter though, there is some sort of loop back (feedback) where in whatever the microphone picks up is routed to the headphones, which is not only your own voice but also ambient noise. In short C200s are a fabulously designed product with supreme comfort levels and excellent audio reproduction capability.

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Superb overall sound.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Durable and premium build.
  • Call quality is an issue because of feedback from microphone.
  • No IP rating.

3. Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless Earphones

12mm drivers, microphone, IPX5, 7 hours battery

Infinity Gide 120 from JBL is one of those earphones that look good, sound good, be durable, and all this while they are priced with competitiveness. As the title suggests the ear buds are metal in cased and the overall build quality and construction is good. Comfort level in-ear is good and the neck band is connected with the buds with some good quality soft wire. These are light weight and cause no discomfort even when used for prolonged periods. Another added advantage is that these are IPX5 rated, which means that these have some tolerance against foreign elements. Available in two two-tone colors, black-yellow and black-red.

JBL Infinity Glide 120 Earphones have a good sound signature with a tuning that will please most if not all. Decent bass, upfront mid range, natural treble all constitute in delivering a warm non fatiguing sound that is enjoyable for hours subject to battery limitations (more on that below). The timbre of sound sometimes leads to little laid back treble which takes the edge or sparkle as some like to say off of the sound. It not bad but can be an issue for some. The bass is average and borders on neutrality. As a result of all these traits many would shy away from them, but these are hard to beat at the price offered. Finally the battery life leaves a lot to be desired as it is exhausted after a few minimal hours of usage.

  • IPX5 certification means they can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.
  • Sturdy and decent build.
  • Decent overall sound.
  • Excellent microphone quality.
  • Battery capacity is less.
  • Laid back treble.

4. Samsung Level U in-ear Bluetooth Headphones

12mm drivers, microphone, 11 hours battery

Although this particular offering from Samsung that is the Level U in-ear Bluetooth Headphones are a few years old but they still are one of the finest pairs that you can buy in this range. They are a really well built pair of headphones with excellent quality of materials used. The neckband has a smooth gloss finish which feels durable and very comfortable. The noise isolation is just average as it lets some noise seep in. With a rated 11 hours of battery capacity this will easily last you days usage and then some. Available in two gorgeous colors, the black-sapphire and gold.

The sound produced by these headphones is remarkably balanced, they are capable of reproducing the entire audio spectrum humans can hear with decent volume levels and good fidelity and fantastic accuracy. Since they are more or less balanced and neutral you can customize the sound to your specific taste using EQ. In other words the sound reproduction is great on these. The call quality is good too with 2 microphones. Therefore if you want to go with a tried and test earphones Level U wont disappoint.

  • Superb overall sound quality.
  • Neutral sound with excellent instrument separation.
  • Excellent dynamics and tonality.
  • Premium, rich build which seems durable.
  • Noise isolation is sub-par.
  • A bit pricey.
  • No IP rating.

5. OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

9.2mm drivers, microphone, IPX5, 12 hours battery

OPPO Enco M31 is a quality offering from the tech giant and these pair of earphones come laden with some serious tech and features for the price. The earphones are built from premium materials and look fabulous in both the colors. Compact buds and a neckband which is rubberized add to the overall comfort and these earphones can be worn for extended duration with no fatigue at all. The buds have a spun metal finish on the outside of a contrasting color which add to the niche of the earphones. A playtime of 12 hours means that the battery capacity is decent. Available in Black (with silver) and Green (with gold) colors.

With tech such as Hi-Res certification, Titanium composite full-range drivers, Active noise cancellation for calls, a plethora of codec support you get a whole lot for your dough. The sound through the M31 is revealing and very transparent, it might seem to lack the bass but in reality they output natural bass. The magical tuning brings out the best in mid-range too without ever sounding dull or flat. And for the bass heads the ENCO M31 has a boost mode which can be activated directly from the control panel on the earphones. The highs and treble have great extension and although its not overly sharp it has just the right tune to keep listener engaged. The active noise cancellation did not seem to work effectively as essentially the earphones still transmitted plentiful unnecessary background noise. Ultimately it can be inferred that the OPPO M31 are one majestic pair of earphones which has got lots of bells and whistles.

  • Hi-Res certification.
  • IPX5 certification.
  • Addictive, smooth sound reproduction.
  • Attractive, premium looks.
  • Neutral bass wont please all.
  • Noise cancellation is ineffective.

6. Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

11.2mm drivers, microphone,IPX4, 12hours battery

Realme Buds is targeted towards young audience which is deduced from the colors schemes offered. The build quality seems very good and comfortable. For starters the band is made of silica gel which makes it uber soft with added flexibility. Buttons are made from nickel-titanium alloy for great tactile and durability. We found the construction to be sturdy and it seems that Realme may have a winner in the making. Battery life is at 12 hours, which is at par with others in similar price range. Available in yellow-black, green and orange colors.

The Realme buds wireless in-ear earphones are claimed to be tuned by the famed EDM star and DJ Alan Walker, and yes you can tell by that by the sound signature too. If you like EDM, House music, dance songs then these will play and keep the listener engaged and asking for more (we mean this in a good way!). The sound quality is mesmerizing and the large drivers show their true strengths in the exceptionally balanced lows that the earphones manage to produce. Let it be shown on the record that despite the extended lows the earphones do not let the vocals and treble get overpowered. Earphones maintain their composure till at very loud volumes. Last but not the least as wireless earphones go, realme Buds wireless are definitely a good bet.

  • Superb lows and bass.
  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Excellent dynamic audio output.
  • Bass is on neutral side.
  • Controls placed too close to each other.

7.boAt Rockerz 255 Sports in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone

10mm drivers, microphone, IPX5, 6 hours battery

Boat Rockerz 255 are a pair of wireless earphones that are usually priced lower than the offerings of other OEMs. Building upon the previous statement it is obvious that Boat still manages to make a decent pair of earphones with durable construction. The ear buds have silicone tips and are comfortable to wear. Boat does market them as “Attractive ergonomics with a Comfort Fit” while it should have been “Attractive and ergonomic design with a Comfort Fit” someone could be fired at Boat it seems. Anyway moving on, there are reinforcements at both the termination points of wires (don’t get confused, these are wireless earphones) which should elongate the life of these earphones. Battery life is less at just 6 hours. Available in a variety of colors, there should be no problem in finding your favorite one.

The sound from Boat 255 Wireless earphones is tuned to be a bit bass heavy. These earphones will definitely be a popular choice among bass heads. It would seem that the other aspects of sound reproduction such as mid-range and treble are output decently too, but the bass certainly tends to have the last laugh in this tug of war between mid-range and bass. There is no active noise cancellation although noise isolation seemed to be good. The microphone seems to be just apt. Finally these earphones from Boat seem to be a good buy for the budget minded.

  • Good sturdy build.
  • Ergonomic design maintains a tight fit.
  • Competitive price.
  • Powerful bass.
  • Low battery capacity.
  • Under performing microphone.

8. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Headphones

10mm drivers, microphone, IPX4, 9 hours battery

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic are a pair of earphones that are really affordable and yet offer a product that is really well made add packs a punch too. Their feather light weight along with the rotatable ear hooks make them really comfortable. Finding a decent fit should not be problem. The cable is soft and again adds to the overall comfort. In a nutshell these are a very light pair of earphones with supreme comfort levels. Battery is rated at a decent 9 hours of usage. The color choice is rather simple (terribly limited) yet classy with just the black color offered.

At the asking price for Mi Bluetooth Earphones expecting true audiophile sound seemed like a stretch but don’t let this disappoint you because these earphones are really capable and push some serious sound quality. The overall sound is neutral and borders on warmth which means that listening fatigue will be a minimum. The treble and mid-range seem to be balanced and the timbre of vocals was really impressive. They handled high volumes with full confidence and almost never seemed to be caught off guard. It would be fair to say that these Earphones are a good purchase if you need a pair of light weight, comfortable earphones at a budget price.

  • Comfortable and light weight.
  • Neutral sound quality.
  • Understated and non obtrusive build.
  • Lacks punch in the lower registers.
  • Wires are too thin, long term durability remains a concern.

9. Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro Wireless Earphones

10mm drivers, microphone, IPX5, 15 hours battery

CurvePro is a quality offering from Boult Audio and it shows by the well finished product that is offered. The two tone color scheme, matte finish all add and accentuate premium appeal that has been quite honestly achieved successfully. The build is sturdy and durability should be really good with them. Comfort levels are at par with some of the other earphones out their and there will be no fatigue at all. Battery is robust with a rating of 15 hours of usage. The CurvePro are available in 3 colors (be sure to order CurvePro and not Curve, these can be easily confused)

The CurvePro are well suited for bulk of users out there who want a decently specced and priced pair of earphones which not only are durable and stalwart but also have a good life span and sound decent. Count on CurvePro to do just that, these have plentiful bass, upfront mid range, pleasant highs and treble. The overall sound output of these headphones though not full of fidelity packs a decent punch and some volume. The one nifty and unique feature is vibration, yes these earphones have a built in vibration motor which can notify you of incoming calls and messages (and drain your battery in the process). It would seem that the CurvePro earphones are a good buy for many number of reasons and its had to fault them.

  • Comfortable and durable build.
  • Musical sound reproduction.
  • Vibration motor.
  • Attractive price.
  • Slight distortion at loud volumes.
  • Boult Audio’s long term reliability is unknown.

10. pTron Bassbuds in-Ear True Wireless Earphones

10mm drivers, microphone, 20 hours battery

PTron Bassbuds TWS Earphones are something of a masterpiece, a pair of true wireless earphones at the price they are available is nothing short of a miracle. Yes the build is average and the quality of materials is also not something to boast about. Despite that the overall comfort levels are good and these seem sturdy. The plastics could have been a bit better but then these are a pair of low budget wireless earphones. The battery backup is good and on par with some of the more expensive options. Silicone tips are of average quality and as a result provide only little noise isolation. Available in white, black, blue and green colors.

Given the price at which these usually sell, expecting much from them in sound department seemed like an unwarranted expectation, but we were pleasantly surprised at he sound quality that this pair puts out. The 10mm drivers are really up for the task and handle much of the sound spectrum with relative ease. There is a bit of everything in them and then there is lots of bass. These will have a good appeal with bass-heads as the bass reproduction is good. The mid-range and treble are decent too and despite a certain compression in music is audible at medium to loud levels the performance of this pair is good. Perhaps these are the pair of earphones you should buy if you are on a strict budget and need a truly wireless earphones.

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Good sound at medium and low levels.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Plenty of bass.
  • Average quality of materials.
  • Long term reliability is a concern.
  • Compression at loud volumes.

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