Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones in India Under ₹ 3000

Below Are Best Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones Under 3000.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones You Can Buy Under 3000

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones In India.

Following is a list of some of the very best Bluetooth and wireless headphones you can buy in India.

What to look for while buying wireless enabled Bluetooth headphones ? While basically Bluetooth headphones should sound good, that is the balance of sound should be perfect and as transparent as possible. Moreover it is imperative that the battery life is good and is able to last a few days before needing to be recharged. A god durable build would mean that headphones would be able to withstand a few accidental drops without breaking themselves or your wallet. Last but not the least headphones should be comfortable to wear.

While a plethora of options cause confusion Buy.Guru reviews will help you decisively.

Sony WH-CH510 BT Wireless Headpones

Infinity Glide 4000 over-ear Wireless Headphone

Boat Rockerz 550 over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 Bluetooth Headphones

Philips SHB4405BK/00 BT on-ear Headphones

JBL T460BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

Energy Sistem Energy 3 Wireless Headphone

boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones

Motorola Escape 220 Wireless Headphones

Philips ActionFit TASH402BK Wireless Headphones

Blaupunkt BH21 over-ear Bluetooth Headphone

1. Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

30mm drivers, microphone, 35 hours battery

If a decent pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones is required in a tight budget then Sony WH-CH510 is one of the best. Although the overall looks and build are somewhat cheap, they are sturdy. Consequently the ear comfort is a bit lacking too. Overall construction wise these are just an ordinary pair of headphones. Humongous battery will likely last you a week (more or less) with an impressive 35 hour battery capacity rating. Available in black, white and blue colors.

As always Sony has a knack with audio products, they are able to make every audio product they make sound really good. As a result of the said knack the CH510 is also very good sounding. The music has a bit of bass boost and as a result it has depth and punch to it. Although the treble is a bit shallow and instrument separation lacks at high volumes, we are overall pleased with sound. As a function of the bass boost output the overall mid range and vocal output also seemed a tab bit laid back. To summarize, these are a very good buy given their exceptional battery capacity and more or less balanced sound reproduction, moreover they can be termed as one of best wireless headphones under 3000 Rupees in India.


Strong bass.
Long lasting battery.
Good volume levels.
Decent overall audio quality.


Cheap build.
Lacks sizzle in treble.

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2. Infinity Glide 4000 Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 50 hours battery

The Glide 4000 wireless headphones from Infinity are an offering that punches above its weight. The headphones are big but that is because of the 40mm drivers, good and soft cushioning and of course the exceptional battery life. It would seem that the headphones are fairly durable and would last a long time. Furthermore the general appeal of the headphones is premium. This particular model of Bluetooth headphones pack a robust 50 hour battery capacity. Infinity Glide 4000 Bluetooth headphones are available in black color only.

With such an amazing build quality it would have been a shame if these didn’t sound the part. But Infinity JBL Glide 4000 do not disappoint us on any counts. They have some Earth shattering bass, great vocals, dialogues clarity and instrument separation. The top end sizzles with great extension that is fast, articulate and airy. However microphone performance is adequate only and communication is less than perfect. Be that as it may these are a fabulous pair and one of the best wireless headphones under 3000 Rupees which look very premium and sound great too.


Solid durable build.
Great overall sound quality.
Phenomenal battery life.
Premium looks and nifty sound presets.


Sound leakage.
A bit pricey.

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3. boAt Rockerz 550 Over-Ear Wireless Headphone

50mm drivers, microphone, 20 hours battery

Boat Rockerz 550 are a pair of over-ear headphones come with a very small price tag yet these rival the bigger players. The general build quality is very good except for hinges which could have been more robust. Moreover the comfort levels are very good thanks to comfy padding and light weight build. The battery packs in a decent punch with an adequate 20 hour usage rating. Available in 5 funky color schemes, these headphones will surely strike a chord with the young.

Fitted with humongous 50mm dynamic drivers the sound especially bass reproduced through these headphones is clean and phenomenal. Likewise the headphones have excellent dynamics and clean audio output at all volume levels. The microphone is decent and the calls quality is apt. In conclusion these are a very musical pair and one of the best wireless headphones under ₹ 3000 with excellent bass and decent battery.


Powerful bass performance.
Comfortable fitting.
Very good battery.


Long term durability could be concern especially around hinges.

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4. Fire-Boltt Blast 1400 Over -Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 25 hours battery

Fire-Boltt 1400 are a pair of headphones that do it all and then do a lot more too and yet are sold with a nominal price tag. The overall build quality is very good and above all they are really comfortable. Despite the cheap price tag these wireless headphones have a very premium look as a result of the quality of materials used. The battery packs in a decent punch too with a solid 25 hour usage rating. Available in black, red, beige. The color options change the cushion colors only.

Laden with big 40mm drivers the sound reproduced through these headphones is very strong and has a solid beat to it. The entire frequency spread is produced with a lot of force and needless to say these are capable of really loud volumes. It is worth mentioning that at very high volumes the bass slightly starts to distort and takes away from the musicality. The microphone is sub par and the calls are not of the quality you would otherwise expect them to be of. These boast of an unusual but nifty feature, that is the capability to share music to another pair of wired headphones. In conclusion these are a well equipped and good sounding and thus one of best wireless headphones under ₹ 3000 in India.


Comfortable fit.
Very good battery.
Decent ergonomic.
Powerful sound.


Call quality is an issue because of sub par microphone.
Bass distortion at very high volumes.
Boltt is an unknown territory in terms of after sales experience.

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5. Philips SHB4405BK/00 Bluetooth Headphones

32mm drivers, microphone, 9 hours battery

If the headphones are light weight they not only enhance the overall comfort levels but they also accentuate the entertainment quotient too. SHB4405BK Bluetooth headphones from Philips are one such pair. These are certainly a very light pair of wireless headphones that can be used for extended duration with minimal fatigue. Made from plastic, these are somewhat thin and as a result give a sense of fragility too. However the design is very good, light weight and comfortable. Battery life is rated at 9 hours of usage. Available in only black color.

Despite the light weight the sound produced through these headphones packs serious weight (you saw what I did there?). The 32mm drivers are up for the task and perform the uphill task of entertaining listener with great subtlety. These wireless headphones put out sound which is natural, clean and crisp. The overall sound is flat which might be a deal breaker for bass heads though. The microphone is not apt for calls and you are left shouting at the insistence of the caller. To sum up Philips SHB4405BK/00 are a very good pair of light weight headphones with natural sound quality and hence these are one of best wireless headphones under 3000 Rupees in India.


Feather light weight.
Decent overall sound reproduction.
Decent noise isolation for the design.


Microphone is poor.
Durability will be an issue.

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6. JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones

32mm drivers, microphone, 11 hours battery

JBL T460BT is a true example of a pair of headphones that focus on two things only, comfort and audio. A no nonsense pair of headphones that otherwise have a simple look to them. The comfort levels and cushioning is just right. The overall feel despite being simple is sturdy and these headphones seem to be very durable. With a rated 11 hour playtime of battery these should easily last you a few days before the need to be plugged in. Available in black, blue and white colors.

JBL audio products are usually a safe bet and this particular pair of headphones is no exception. There is a lot of force in the sound produced through these headphones. The mid range is very good on them and the vocals sound clear and are presented with an uncanny natural timbre. Highs and lows are present with plentiful weight too. But not all is rosy, upon critical listening it is evident that bass although powerful lacks the details and is somewhat muddy. The microphone is mediocre and is just ok-ok for calling. To summarize these are a durable pair of headphones with no bells or whistles but only the eagerness to perform under ₹ 3000 in India.


Comfortable and durable design.
Decent battery capacity.
Excellent mid range response.
Low end rumble is excellent.


Plasticky feel.
Highs feel over accentuated in certain sounds.

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7. Energy Sistem Energy 3 Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 12 hours battery

Hola India! (Spanish for hello India), well you got the idea, didn’t ya? Let me be specific Energy Sistem is a Spanish audio brand which present to us the Energy 3 wireless headphones. The design language is European and young and despite the plasticky feel the finish on them is good. Comfort levels are at par with some of the other competitors in the similar range, though we expected a bit more from these. Energy 3 headphones pack a 12 hour battery and are available is energetic colors such as blue and yellow.

Getting into these headphones with high hopes of sonic bliss did not seem to impact our impressions as the sound signature of Energy 3 is really good. They sounded airy and clean for most part. The mid range and vocals especially sounded full and had a great sense of clarity and throat presence. The low end popularly known as bass was present but did lack the oomph factor, it sounded sort of controlled so as to say. Despite all the praise they loose their composure a bit at loud volumes when instrument separation starts to suffer and things take a turn for the worse. Perhaps these are a good value for money wireless headphones especially for mid range lovers for listening at moderate volume levels under ₹ 3000 in India.


Good looks and decent comfort.
Solid mid-range.
Good battery life.


Bass is sub par.
Build is average.

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8. boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphone

40mm drivers, microphone, 8 hours battery

Boat Rockerz 600 are a stylish pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. The overall build and construction is premium with use of metal for hinges and adjustable part of band. The cushioning on ears and headband are good and as a result comfort level are good with these. We surely have an issue with the exposed wire that goes from head band to ear cups. It not only looks weird aesthetically but also is a cause of concern durability wise. The battery life is average at just 8 hours of rated usage. Available in black, brown colors and the occasional special edition.

The audio quality on the Boat Rockerz 600 is really good. The treble is rich, bass is strong and has good depth to it. Mid range is also very decent for a pair of headphones at their cost. At very loud volumes, bass gets muddy and vocals muffled and as a result musicality takes a few steps back (auditory masking in play). Overall a very good pair of budget headphones under ₹ 3000 with premium looks and decent audio performance.


Attractive, premium looks.
Decent overall sound.
Comfortable fit.
Good battery life.


Exposed wires look out of place.
Audio quality transmitted through microphone is poor.
Boats long term experience is an unknown territory.

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9. Motorola Escape 220 Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 24 hours battery

The Escape 220s are a premium and rich looking wireless headphones from Motorola. The build itself feels sturdy and able to withstand abuse. Rich plastics with some metal accents increase the feel good factor of these wireless headphones. Fabulous cushioning on ear-pads and headband make them easy to wear for long durations. A robust battery capacity of 24 hours means that these could last you a week or more of usage with relative ease and without the need to fill up in between. Available in black, white and red colors.

With such a good build and premium feel we really were hoping that these would be a killer end game pair of headphones. But as it turns out this pair of wireless headphones are just average in the audio department. Not that the are overly bad but they seem to lack the coherence. Bass is present but gets muddy where in it intermingles with mid range. The higher frequency ranges otherwise and commonly known as treble is good and really smooth and pleasant. The mid-range is a bit laid back and that is a result of the over interference of bass. Ultimately it would be wise to conclude that Escape 220 are a very well built pair with premium looks, extraordinary battery and average audio quality and therefore one of the best wireless headphones under 3000 Rupees in India.


Comfortable and premium build.
Excellent battery capacity.
Decent mids and highs.
Decent microphone and call quality.


Muddy bass.

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10. Philips ActionFit TASH402BK Bluetooth On-Ear Sports Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, IPX4, 20 hours battery

The ActionFit TASH402BK from the house of Action er…. Philips is a very well specced and equipped pair of headphones. The build and construction not only is sturdy but boasts of some very unique features like cooled ear-pads, IPX4 rating and breathable cushions. Laden with a strong 20 hour battery this product indeed looks very promising. Available in just the black color.

The sound from the Philips headphones is really good and balanced. The have a neutral sound signature which will please all but the bass heads. As a result of the neutral character the bass seems a bit lacking. The mid range and highs are well pronounced and presented with decent fidelity. Overall volume output is good on the headphones at the expense of the aforementioned neutral bass. Microphone pics up a lot of noise as well from the surroundings as a result call quality is sub par, and vocals transmitted sound muffled. In totality taking into account their IP rating, decent batter life, and neutral sound profile it would be wise to consider them a safe bet as a pair of wireless headphones in this price in India.


Good sturdy build.
Ergonomic design maintains a tight fit.
IPX4, cooled ear-pads.
Good battery capacity.


Under performing microphone.
Bass is a bit laid back.

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11. Blaupunkt BH21 Bluetooth Over-The -Ear Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 24 hours battery

Blaupunkt BH21 Bluetooth headphones are an offering which have a certain element of understated class to them. Despite their big size and large drivers they feel really light once worn. The overall comfort levels are really good. The construction is really good and the matte finish accentuates the look. As a result these look premium. Fitted with an impressive battery with rated usage of 24 hours. Available in classy black color only.

BH21 Bluetooth headphones reproduce sound from their 40mm drivers and the larger drivers sound really good with great bass and lots of treble. But as a result of this the mid range is a bit laid back and will be an issue in many genres of music. They get fairly loud too and would be an instant hit with bass lovers. It would be fair to summarize and say that these are a good pair and one of best of wireless headphones under 3000 Rupees in India with an average and sculpted sound quality.


Comfortable fit.
Solid bass.
Good battery backup.
Good noise isolation.


Lacking mid range.
Looks may not appeal to all.

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Find Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones For Under 3000 Rupees.

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