Best Wireless Headphones Under 15000 Rupees

Listed below are Best Wireless Headphones Under 15000 In India.

Top 10 Wireless Headphones You Can Buy Under 15000

Best Wireless Headphones In India Under ₹ 15000.

Below is a list of best wireless headphones you can buy in India under ₹ 15000.

Which wireless headphones to buy? Choosing the right pair of wireless headphones in a given budget can be a headache to say the least. There are so many intricate details and feature subsets that need to be taken in to account before shortlisting any headphones at all. For example, ANC, frequency response range, IP certification if any, charging port and battery capacity to name a few. It is natural to expect that the headphones should sound perfect to you and should be able to produce any and all kinds of audio track thrown at it with authority, clarity and transparency.

Therefore taking all of this and much more in to account Buy.Guru brings a short and sweet list of finest, well made and superb sounding Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones under 15000 Rupees in India.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones

Marshall Major IV Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Monoprice MP 13893 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

TaoTronics TT-BH090 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train Bluetooth Headphones

Panasonic RP-HD605NE-T Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Monoprice SonicSolace Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

1. Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 40 hours battery, USB typeC

The Skullcandy Crusher Evo are a well built, simple looking, elegantly designed and comfortable pair of wireless headphones. Although they are not as falmboyant or rich as some of the competition, they hold their own. They are equipped with a decent battery capacity which charges through USB-C. Furthermore the drivers are 40mm in diameter which are rather adequate and provide fantastic audio output.

To summarize the audio quality of these wireless headphones is “Crushing”. Yes, they have got aplomb bass which hits sweetly and more or less rattles the head. Add to it the fact that a physical slider is given to adjust the intensity of Crushing, and you have a pair of earphones with best bass six ways to Sunday. Moreover the bass doesn’t interfere in mid range and therefore the vocals and instruments have good clarity and separation to them as well. The treble response is right up there with the bass and as a result indulges the listener with some high quality sharp trebles. In totality the sound profile is quite balanced and entertaining and this makes them perhaps ideally suited to be called the best wireless headphones under 15000 Rupees in India.


Fantastic overall sound.
Staggering battery life.
Crushing bass output.
Light weight and comfortable.


All plastic build.
Mediocre noise isolation.

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2. Marshall Major IV Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 80 hours battery, USB type-C

Marshall Major IV are a well engineered and designed pair of wireless headphones. As with literally all Marshall products these look fantastic and promote the retro heritage for good. The make use of good quality plastics, leather like material and of course metals to induce a sense of durability and premium feel in to the users. The biggest wow factor is the gargantuan battery which can power these wireless headphones for 80 long hours.

Coming to the meat of these wireless headphones, the sound quality is fabulous and full of dynamics. The bass is rich and besides hitting strongly it delivers a driving and entertaining mid bass response. The mid range is articulate and maintains its composure even through congested audio passages to deliver a well balanced and separated mid range response. Likewise treble is well focused and coherent, it is adequately sharp and crisp without getting harsh or sibilant. These are an on-ear design and consequently noise isolation is not as good as over-ear alternatives. Be that as it may taking into consideration the looks, superb battery and spot on audio performance it would be wise to term these as one of best wireless headphones under 15000 rupees in India.


Superb musical sound output.
Sturdy, rich, durable build.
Phenomenal battery capacity.


Noise isolation leaves a lot to be desired.

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3. Monoprice MP 13893 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 15 hours battery, USB type-C

The Monoprice MP 13893 Black and Brushed Metal Over Ear Headphones are a classy and hefty pair of wireless headphones. The looks are rich as a result of their fantastic finishing and usage of high quality materials. They are an example of some fine craftsmanship. Additionally they soft padding on ear cups and headband give them a very comfortable and stress free fitting. Unfortunately the battery life is lackluster at just 15 hours of usage.

The audio performance of the Monoprice MP 13893 wireless headphones superb and very engaging. The 40mm drivers shine by delivering crisp bass that is not only strong but also very deep and accurate. Mids are well pronounced and deliver unfettered sonic nuances with supreme clarity and eagerness. Add to that the shimmery treble that is more or less linear and accurate. On the downside ANC is conspicuous with its absence and would have been a pleasant addition. Nonetheless these wireless headphones are solid performers and perhaps one of the best wireless headphones under 15000 Rupees in India.


Comfortable to wear.
Excellent mid range and bass performance.
Striking design, rich build.
Good noise isolation.


Mediocre battery life.
Availability can be an issue.

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4. TaoTronics TT-BH090 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 35 hours battery, ANC

TaoTronics has been making some good quality headphones at rather reasonable prices. The TT-BH090 ANC wireless headphones are another such offering which tries to give an immense value for money spent. The design is quite simple with a premium matte finish and an understated simplistic look. Thanks to comfy foam padding on ear cups and headband the overall comfort levels of these wireless headphones are good. Fitted with a battery that gives a good 35 hours of playback these headphones have it all, or do they? Let us read below.

The SoundSurge TT-BH090 wireless headphones have lots of bass that is clean, strong and punchy. It has the ability to sound quite thumpy and thankfully the bass doesn’t bleed into the mids. Talking about mid-range the Taotronics perform really well and do a very good job of presenting vocals which are not only well pronounced and clean but also very well balanced. The treble response is a bit on the warmer side and therefore can sound dull on already warm tracks however it keeps listening fatigue to zero. In some good news the ANC is quite functional and consequently does a very good job at cancelling ambient noises. As a matter of fact taking into account their solid audio and ANC performance it would be quite appropriate to term these as one of the best wireless headphones under 15000 Rupees in India.


Excellent bass & mid range.
Solid, sturdy build.
Robust battery.
Functional ANC.


Slightly laid back treble.
All plastic build.

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5. JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train Headphones

40mm drivers, 16 hours battery, IPX4

JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train are a sports oriented and ruggedly designed pair of headphones. The headphones seem well reinforced and solidly built. They clamping force is a bit high keeping the workout quotient in mid however the ill effects of it are very much negated with the help of extra soft and plush padding on ear cups. They boast of a run of the mill 16 hours playback time only. On the upside smaller battery helps keep the weight light and thus increase comfort levels.

The JBLs rarely sound bad in the audio department and the UA Sport Train headphones are no exception. They feature a healthy dose of bass which is well optimized to sound just right. Meaning its a bit boosted to engage the listener however it is not over done so as to drown the mids and make the sound stage cluttered. While on topic do note that the mid range of these cans have good clarity and preserve details while maintaining good instrument separation even under strenuous passages. Moreover the treble is clear, concise, intelligible and well focused. In totality these are a well made and good sounding pair not only for sport purposes but otherwise too and therefore can be interpreted as one of the best wireless headphones under 15000 Rupees in India.


Sturdy and quality build.
Fantastic sound quality.
Decent comfort levels.
Nifty Talk through feature.


Mediocre battery life.
Strong clamping force.

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6. Panasonic RP-HD605N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 20 hours battery, ANC

The Panasonic RP-HD605N headphones are a quality offering that perform really well and live up to the expectations from Panasonic as a brand. They look and feel quite well built and solid. They have a very well designed and cushioned ear cup that fits perfectly and gives an airy plush all around feel. However battery life is a tab bit on the lower side.

The audio performance of this pair of Panasonic wireless headphones is really good. They have a Hi Res certification and that is quite evident in the airy, silky extended highs that they are able to conjure up. The bass has a solid beat to it with very fast transients, the drivers are eager to boom – boom. The mid range is relaxed and delivers crisp nuances with a hint of subtlety and an air of secrecy so to say. The ANC performs adequately in most situations and in totality the Panasonics are a good deal and VFM wireless headphones under ₹ 15000.


Excellent Hi Res audio quality.
Conservative yet classy looks.
Supreme comfort levels.
Well built and solid construction.


Highs can get a bit sharp on occasion.
ANC is a hit or miss.

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7. Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 30 hours battery

Marshall Monitor are a exquisitely designed, well executed and robust pair of wireless headphones. They are made with plastic mostly but use metals for some of the stressed areas like the headband. Consequently they fell strong and abuse friendly. Moreover as a result of good quality padding on the ear cups and headband the fatigue is low and comfort levels high. Further they have a small footprint to carry thanks to their well designed folding mechanism.

The sound profile of the Marshall Wireless Headphones is rather warm. The have loads of bass that digs deep and slams very hard, however as a result of strong mid-bass output the mid range is a bit boosted and sounds too strong or muddy at times. Thankfully the rest of the mid range is well focused and presents decent details and good instrument separation. The treble and highs are dull and warm, lovers of good, pronounced treble will feel short changed, on the positive side they respond well to EQ and a slight boost makes a world of difference. In conclusion the overall sound character is strong and pretty much on lines of Marshall sound heritage, and as such if you need to buy a pair of Marshalls this is one the of best wireless headphones under 15000 Rupees in India.


Excellent bass and mid-range.
Elegant and stylish looks.
Premium, rich and durable build.
Good battery life.


Lacking and somewhat dull treble.

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8. Monoprice SonicSolace Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, 16 hours battery, ANC

Monoprice SonicSolace are a well made and good looking pair of wireless headphones. The look okayish and feel pretty durable. Although they lack the rich and premium feel of their competitors they are a adequately comfortable. Lackluster battery life of 16 hours is deal breaker but then ANC is a welcome addition and keeps them in the race.

The overall sound profile of these headphones is above average and on the warmer side. The bass is present and very strong but tends to sound a bit muffled at high volumes. The mid range presence is strong and vocals and instrument separation is really good. On the other hand treble is warm and laid back, it presents details with clarity but some of the cymbals and hi hats are not delivered with crispness you would expect. In conclusion these are okay and decent pair of wireless headphones but don’t hold water amongst some of the class leaders.


Excellent bass performance.
Decent call quality.
Awesome battery life.


Veil Treble.
Poor battery life.

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Find Best Wireless Headphones Under 15000 Rupees In India.

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