Decrease in Quality of Sites and Increase in Thin Content


For the past many years I have noticed that there have been new and new sites which clutter search results, always wondering why is there a decrease in quality of sites? Now lets get started. I have been using internet since the days of good old dial-up modems with speeds of 28 Kbps (not KBps). At that time searching and subsequently downloading was a tough job because of speed constraints. A simple page would take minutes to load and going back and forth between Yahoo search results and webpages was tedious. However thankfully good content largely dominated the Web and therefore the search results, its was just about finding the right keywords as search algorithms were quite basic back then.

The web boom!

By 2000s internet speed in India had reached what was classified as broadband speeds and plans of up-to 2 Mbps were available to users, but mostly 64 Kbps was affordable. At these speeds and the steadiness of a DSL connection loading pages one after another became rather easy. At this time quality content started appearing on sites such as, Their information was apt and adequate. However this dot-com bubble meant that even e-commerce sites such as Amazon e-bay Walmart Newegg were seeing more and more traffic day after day.

steady decrease in quality of sites

The e-raging battle.

This lead to a new battle between the e-commerce giants to get more and more subscribers, users and obviously sales. Taking a note of the same, the e-commerce sites started with Affiliate marketing program. Essentially they were willing to part with some of their profits with anyone who gave them sales and conversions. This in turn gave rise to some of the most elaborate and misleading websites. Websites which have only one thing in mind, sales and conversions. As a result quality of content started to suffer. Additionally e-commerce sites started selling more and more things, expanding their portfolios. Inevitably the affiliates wanted a pie of everything available on these platforms. Therefore these sites have been ever since writing and promoting about anything and everything, all to make bucks. Consequence being the steady Decrease in Quality of Sites since this phenomena.

Collateral damage – Decrease in Quality of Sites.

The quality of content and reviews of products are very thin and misleading often. They try to cover up the issues in product and highlight only the good in them to driver more conversions through their program. This has been a sad case since the onset of 2010 or near about. A simple yet necessary search to find say “air conditioner” gives hundreds of results. Albeit 99% of them are thin and worthless results, only existing to drive conversions and sales.

The content written by these affiliate marketeers is simple, and all rosy. It never gives deep insights about the said product. However Google does not rank a page or site which paints only a rosy picture. Therefore these websites write a drawback or maybe even a couple which are irrelevant and not of any consequence.

Buyers nightmare – Decrease in Quality of Sites.

In such times it becomes more and more difficult to find a good site with honest opinions. Furthermore 99% of sites also do not take a true buyers point of view into consideration. Which unfortunately means that either the buyer is unsatisfied with product, or worse buyer sells off the product for a loss.

Key takeaways.

Before I became aware of this program I always wondered as to why these sites write such pathetic, useless misleading information. But now that I am aware, I precisely know the reason, and so do you now! So if you are an affiliate marketeer please for the love of God do not publish thin and irrelevant content. Be sensible and responsible because otherwise people with hard earned money suffer and that is something we repudiate with our hearts. And if you are a user and a browser then look for sites which are truly credible and do highlight actual negative aspects of a product.

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