Epson L805 Tray Eject Problem Solved!

Epson L805 Tray Eject Problem is solved finally!

Solving The L805 Tray Eject Problem. A guide with pics.

Do you own the Epson L805 6 color ink tank printer? If Yes, then you surely know that the printer has studio quality printout. Additionally the inks them selves are very inexpensive and budget friendly. Moreover you can print CD and PVC cards on it using the provided tray or buy one for the PVC cards.

However after a little while of usage the much dreaded tray eject problem creeps in. And as a result the printer keeps spitting out the tray endlessly.

Usually its the leaf switch which detects the tray that’s the culprit. But even replacing that is not a permanent solution due to accumulation of dust and play within tray and button itself. So in order to come up with a easy DIY fix Buy.Guru came up with a rather unique and easy solution.

Before you proceed do note that we are not responsible for any mishap/damage/problems/loss that may or may not arise due to the use of following instructions or reading of this post / blog / weblog. We highly recommend and advice that you have your printer professionally serviced/repaired. We are not responsible by any means and you agree to it if you decide to proceed. You may damage your printer completely, loose warranty and can get electrocuted too, you have been warned!

Steps to solve CD / PVC tray eject problem on L805 printer.

Epson L805 Tray Eject

First step is to unplug the printer from the mains, disconnect and remove the power cord fully.

Open the top cover and find the leaf switch as shown.

Location of leaf switch.
Location of leaf switch.
Leaf switch! (Reverse angle)

Once you have successfully located the leaf switch you need to get a dropper and some isopropyl alcohol.

Then fill the dropper with 1-2ml of isopropyl alcohol and pour a few drops on the leaf switch!

Position the dropper right above the leaf switch.

Put a drop or two on the leaf switch. After that press the switch few times with your finger, to help alcohol precipitate into switch and work its charm. DO NOT TURN ON THE PRINTER.

As an additional measure and for proper solution of EPSON L805 tray eject problem take a PVC card and cut three long pieces as shown below.

Thereafter stick the 3 pieces together with scotch tape not exactly at center.

Note the scotch tape is off-center.

After that bend the top and bottom pieces outwards to create a springy mechanism, as shown.

Note that bends act as a spring!
Bend is smaller on one side.

Now all that remains is to install this spring-piece as show below to put some extra pressure on that leaf switch when a tray is inserted. This is to ensure smooth operation and to avoid Epson L805 tray eject problem to recur.

The spring is to be inserted below the black colored plastic plate and above the steel plate as shown above, moreover insert it inside as shown in picture below.

Push it further inside as shown below.

If it has been 60 minute since you put isopropyl alcohol, you may turn on the printer now. That is it, your printer should work perfectly now!

Epson L805 Tray Eject Solved

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  1. Danny

    It Worked!!! Thank you very much!!!

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    It worked here as well!
    This method doesn’t need you to crack open the printer cover (and void your warranty).
    I think the “extra PVC card spring” helps keeping the tray in the right position.

    Thank you very much!!!

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    It worked here as well! Thank you very much…..

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    yeah a true Guru or Professor as Daniel mentioned above.
    I was so frustrated but then followed your DIY and it worked!!!

  6. Oluwasina

    My Epson is not readying the printer for PVC but it’s printing paper. What could be the issue

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