Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Wired Premium in-Ear Headphones, 9mm Drivers

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Build Aspect

Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd wired Earphones have a simple, no frills design. But don’t for once think that the build quality is simple, when in fact its very good. Metal and dense plastic casings and sufficiently thick and soft rubberized cable increase the overall durability and add to the premium and rich feel of the earphones. In-ear fitting is plush and comfortable as a result of angled nozzle and soft silicone tips.

Performance Aspect

How good does the Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd sound? Lets look in to the bass performance which is really good and well handled by the dynamic drivers. It puts out serious bass without ever sounding muddy or boomy Jumping into the forefront with ample presence the mid range is good and forward leaning. Moreover the treble is straight forward, articulate and matches the bass in a very respectable manner with harmony although it does get shrill in some of the brighter tracks. In brief these are a very well balanced pair of wired earphones under 10000 Rupees that can rival the best out there.

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Powerful overall performers.
Comfortable in-ear fit.
Robust build quality.


Slightly bright treble on some tracks.

Product Details

  • In-ear headset with balanced sound and good resolution
  • Ergonomically shaped housings ensure a secure and comfortable fit in the ear
  • 3-Button remote control with microphone for Android and iOS, Siri and Google assistant controllable
  • Simple elegance, pleasant feel and impressive wearing comfort
  • Quality materials and real reliability

Powerful Sound

Truly Balanced sound and wonderful resolution – the soul BYRD earphones sound life like and rich and dynamic. Thanks to extra ordinary portability you can enjoy fabulous sound anywhere, anytime.

Extremely Comfortable to Wear

Ergonomically shaped caseing ensures a secure and rather snug fit in the ear. Moreover thanks to the flat shape of the case, the earphones does not protrude from the ear.


Technical Data

Operating Principle

Driver size

Transmission Type

Universal 3-button remote

Headphone frequency response
10 – 25,000 Hz

Sound Coupling To The Ear
In-ear headphones


Cable & Plug
1.2 m cable (both-sided, fixed) with 3.5 mm plug (4-pole)

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