Blaupunkt SBW250 Soundbar, 8″ Woofer

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Build Aspect

SBW 250 is a 200 watt soundbar costing around 10000 rupees in India. This soundbar subwoofer combo is sold by Blaupunkt. Well for starters this setup is quite simple yet sleek to look at. The octagonal shape of the soundbar is aesthetically pleasing and moreover gives it a relatively smaller than actual look. The subwoofer has a tall stance which makes it slim and therefore easy to accommodate into tight places. It features an 8 inch driver which is mounted on the side with a front facing round shaped bass reflex port. This subwoofer is made of MDF and a slight knock on the cabinet tells us that the build quality is just acceptable. The rear of the soundbar has all the input options and the subwoofer output port. The control set is mounted on the side and the buttons have a clicky tactile feedback. We would have expected slightly more input options such as Optical or Coaxial digital but these are conspicuous by there absence. Lastly the remote control is a good unit and not a skinny and minimal kind of one usually sold with many soundbars.

Performance Aspect

This a 200 watt soundbar and this soundbar setup should be able to provide you with good dynamics and theatrical experience. Lets find out if it does. The soundbar unit is equipped with 4 identical drivers in 2 Left – 2 Right configuration making this a 2.1 Soundbar. The spacing between the drivers is good and this results in good channel separation. Apart from that overall audio output is quite charming. For instance during the playback of “Jack Ryan” S3 in the opening sequence the panning effect was superb. Furthermore the 8 inch driver was slamming hard and that resulted in chest pounding bass. There is a hint of bloating in mid-bass, probably when the bass amplifier is peaking out. The mid-range and the instruments sounded lush and pristine. However during dialogues a slightly pronounced mid-bass was felt and the subwoofer swung into action unnecessarily. Dynamics are the strong suit and that is made possible by the supreme highs courtesy of the 4 drivers that are plonked in to the soundbar. The preset modes weren’t to our liking and manual tuning of the Bass/treble made the sound better for us. All of this make for a strong case for this system since it does fare quite well in the price segment that it is targeted for.

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8 inch woofer, slams hard.
Fantastic channel separation.
Dynamic sound profile.


No optical input.
Mid-range is a bit of disappointment.

Product Details

  • Powerful Sound: SBW250 is a 200W Soundbar which comes with a wired 8 inch Subwoofer to deliver heavy bass along with loud volume
  • European Design: Its sleek European design will match the style and elegance effortlessly to the ambience of your room
  • Blaupunkt EQ Mode: For each genre, you get to choose the sound modes that suits your mood. This Soundbar comes with multiple music modes: Song, Cinema, Dialog & 3D
  • Multiple Input Options: With multiple connectivity options such as AUX in, HDMI-ARC, BT and USB, you have the freedom to connect various devices
  • Fully Functional Remote: All the functions of the Soundbar can be controlled from the remote only. Remote also comes with the options to switch between all the music modes along with play, pause, volume, bass, treble etc.



Model Blaupunkt SBW250
Driver Size 2.25″*4 Full range drivers + 8inch SW
Subwoofer type Wired, Active
Dimensions ‎87 x 22.7 x 45.2 cm; 7 Kilograms
Inputs HDMI ARC, USB, Bluetooth, Line-In.
Wattage 200 RMS
Warranty 1 Year
Subwoofer orientation Side firing, front ported
Compatibility All Bluetooth Devices


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