Blaupunkt SBW600 Soundbar, 8″ Woofer

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Build Aspect

SBW 600 is a one stop solution if you need a full featured 5.1 soundbar setup. This setup from Blaupunkt is a 4 unit setup. One is the main soundbar unit featuring 6 drivers, 2 drivers each for the front 3 channels in LCR configuration. Then there are the 2 wireless rear speakers housing another 2 drivers each for the surround sound. Lastly we have the foundation shaker, the subwoofer, it houses a respectable 8 inch driver. Except the subwoofer all the other 3 units are made from dense plastic and the drivers are covered in a metal grill. The designing is simple, clean and elegant. The subwoofer is made from MDF and I must admit feels light in weight, however the quality of construction is very good. In some pleasant news this soundbar has got lots of connectivity options from Bluetooth to HDMI, from Aux to USB and of course Optical and Coaxial inputs. Do note that the surround speakers are wireless however the subwoofer is wired.

Performance Aspect

This setup consists of a 5.1 configuration with 2 drivers assigned for each main range channel and 1 channel for the subwoofer. That takes the driver tally to double digits and beyond to 11 drivers. Lets not get caught up in the drivers though and visit how it all sounds. The first impressions are mesmerizing so to say. The discrete 5.1 surround sound is unmistakable and puts you right in the middle of all the action. The dynamic range is great and this setup delivers. Its a step up or 2 from the traditional setup alright. The highs and mids are clear and the drivers never sound stressed. There is a hint of boost in the higher mids which tends to make certain vocals and instruments heavy but nothing takes away from the overall performance. The subwoofer is as impressive too. The 8 incher is up to the task and punches hard and hits the beat on cue. The higher bass is certainly more pronounced than the rest of lows, subsequently there is a hint of boom to the subwoofer. All in all its a mighty impressive setup and is definitely a worthy upgrade from normal soundbar setups and worth the money.

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Dynamic audio performance.
Solid beat, thumpy bass.
Wireless surrounds.
Impressive 5.1 imaging.


Wired subwoofer, restricts placement.
Subwoofer is light in build.
Bluetooth is patchy.

Product Details

  • The big daddy of sounders is here. This 5.1 system takes audio performance to the highest levels. Balanced sound separation, clean , crisp reproduction and a very synchronized audio output changes the way you will watch movies. No need for multiplexes now.
  • Enter the world of Dolby Audio ! This is the audio technology that gives sound a different life. It makes all your content come alive with a theater like feel. You will hear the difference in the first few moments. And then never want anything else.
  • 360Watts of power come pouring out like a giant waterfall. The soundbar along with the satellites plus the big woofer all work together to create such a volume of music that you will never have to turn up the volume all the way. And if you do you will notice that every note says true.
  • If you are a movie buff then this is the soundbar for you. The bar & satellites delivers all the mid and high ranges with separation. The 8 Inch woofer adds a rich bass. And together they make every movie a blockbuster.
  • The wireless rear satellite advantage sets you free. Place the wireless rear satellites anywhere you want within the range. There are no wire to lay so hide it under a couch. Or keep it out in the open for everyone to marvel at
  • It connects with everything and how! You get Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, Optical, Coaxial, USB and AUX-In. That means all your devices are invited to join in. I
  • A full function remote that is perfect for those who like to sit back and enjoy themselves. This remote gives you total control with access to every feature. So don’t just take control, take total control.


Model Name SBW600
System Type
Speaker Type 360w
6 in Main unit, 2 in each satellite and 1 in subwoofer.
Subwoofer Driver Size 8”
Amplification Method Powered Speaker
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Connectivity Options HDMI-ARC, Optical In, Coaxial, AUX, USB, Bluetooth
Wireless Technology Type Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Effective Transmission Range 10m
Compatibility iPhone, Android Phones, OnePlus Mobiles, Laptop, Smart TV, Macbook, Desktop,  All Audio devices supporting Bluetooth A2DP profile
Item Weight 8 Kg
Designed & Developed In Germany
Approved By Blaupunkt Germany


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