Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Split AC (Copper, FA318PLU)

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Build Aspect

Blue Star is an Indian Air Conditioner brand which manufactures world class refrigeration products. The FA318PLU is another world class AC with 3 star energy efficiency rating. Blue Star does know a thing or two about making classy products. The indoor unit has a stately design with clean lines and beautiful curved shape. Additionally the inclusion of hidden display gives it a very desirable look, it is premium looking product. Furthermore the outdoor unit is a well constructed unit, no 2 ways about it, Blue Star takes durability seriously and this is evident in the product quality.

Performance Aspect

This Blue Star AC has a BTU/hour rating of 17572 which is although a bit under par is quite adequate for most scenarios. This is half the story of any AC though, the other half being the fan blower. Yes it has a very respectable blower which is able to push 580 CFM of air from the louvers, which by the way can be motor controlled 2 way only. Consequently the end result of the combination of compressor and blower is very good, in the sense that it cools down the room quickly and effectively. There are some drawbacks though, first being the noise levels which are bit high for comfort at high speeds and second being that the energy efficient is just 3 stars. In conclusion it is a good 1.5 Ton Split AC and is recommended to anyone looking to buy a non-inverter 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner in India.

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Good cooling performance thanks to 17572 BTU.
Attractive and premium looks.
Decent fan speed of  580 CFM.


No PM 2.5 filter.
Modest ISEER of 3.57.
No horizontal auto swing.

  • Eco Mode
  • R32-Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • Copper Condenser Coil
  • Self Clean Technology
  • Self Diagnosis

Product description

This elegant 3-star Fixed Speed AC with brush-less DC motor ensures enhanced efficiency and quiet operation, while powerful features deliver optimum cooling.


Series- PL
Model- FA318PLU
ISEER Value- 3.57

BTU Performance: 17572 BTU

Condenser Coil- Copper
Tonnage- 1.5 Ton
Auto Air Swing- Yes
Auto Clean Function- Yes
Humidifier- Yes
Filter Types- Dust Filter
Max. Air Circulation- 580 CFM
Refrigerant- R32
Noise level- 38 dB
Speed Settings- Auto, High, Medium, Low
Rated Amperes- 6.3
Dust Filter- Yes
Stabilizer Free Operation- No
Split AC Dimensions
Depth (Main Unit)
30.7 cm
Width Outdoor Unit
78.1 cm
Width Main Unit
90.1 cm
Depth (Outdoor Unit)
26.3 cm
Height (Main Unit)
22.2 cm
Weight (Outdoor Unit)
34 Kg
Height (Outdoor Unit)
55.9 cm
Weight (Main Unit)
13 Kg


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