Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, IC512EBTU)

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Build Aspect

IC512EBTU from Blue Star is a competent 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner. The split AC has a compact design would be a welcome addition in any kind of decor. While a rounded and curvy shape is definitely pleasing, hats off to Blue Star for such a classy design sans curves. It is a predominantly boxy design but quite a good looking one. Furthermore the plastics used are of good quality, and a rich gloss shine increases its visual appeal. Lastly the ODU packs a decent heft and given its solid casing we do not have any concerns about durability.

Performance Aspect

This 1 Ton Blue Star Split Air Conditioner is a ‘Star’ performer. This AC has a strong compressor and therefore superb cooling prowess. In pure numbers it has 14140 BTU / hour cooling. This is achieved in a very efficient way, with its ISEER being 4.51. However there is that issue of the slow fan speed, its quite a disappointment. However a 4 way auto swing ensures even distribution and convenient focus of its cool air. Unfortunately even the noise levels are quite high, perhaps equal in noise to a 1.5 ton AC. Moreover its not equipped to capture PM 2.5 pollutants either. Nevertheless thanks to a demonstrably potent compressor, good build quality it can be inferred as one of the best 1 ton split AC in India.

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Jaw dropping 14140 BTU.
4 way auto swing.
Superb 4.51 ISEER.


No PM 2.5 filter.
Mediocre fan air speed of 309 CFM.
Somewhat high in noise.



Series Name EB Series
Nominal Cooling Capacity (tonnage) 1
Star Rating 5 star
(Rated) Voltage/Frequency/Phase 230 V / 50Hz / Single
Cooling Capacity (Watt)(Min~Max) 3500 (1357 ~ 4144)
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 11942 (Max 14140 BTU)
Rated Cooling Capacity (50% Load) (Watt) 1750
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr)(Min~Max) 880 (350 ~ 1170)
Cooling Power Input (50% Load) (Watt) 395
ISEER 4.51
Electricity Consumed In 1600 Hours. (Units/Year) 600.91
Nominal Current (Cooling)(Amps) 3.7
Air Flow Volume (Wet CFM) (High / Medium / Low) 309/278/244
Noise Level Indoor (dB(a)) (High/ Medium/ Low) 44/41/39
Moisture Removal (Litres/Hour) 1
Compressor Type Inverter Rotary
Acoustic Jacket On Compressor Yes
Refrigerant Quantity(Kg) 0.67
Ambient Temp (Cooling) (degree C) 52
Remote LCD Remote with Display
Night Glow Function On Remote Buttons Yes
Net IDU(Product) Dimension (mm) 840 x 270 x 210
Input Power Supply IDU
Net Weight IDU (kg) 9
Net ODU Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height) (mm) 840 x 540 x 300
Net Weight ODU (kg) 26
Noise Level Outdoor (dB(a)) 62
Gross IDU Weight (kg) 11
Gross ODU Weight (kg) 30
Suction Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm) 1/2″ (12.7mm)
Liquid Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm) 1/4″ (6.35mm)
Max Piping Capability Total (metre) 12
Max Piping Capability Vertical (metre) 7
Refrigerant Additional Charge Beyond 4M (g/m) 20
Power Supply to ODU Source(Core/Gauge) 4C * 1.5sqmm
Power Supply to IDU Source(Core/Gauge) 3C * 1.5sqmm
Remote Battery Type AAA
Product Title Inverter Split Air Conditioners 1.0 Ton 5 Star
Features Refrigerant R32
Features Condenser Type 100% Copper
Air Conditioner Technology Inverter


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