Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, 40mm Drivers

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Build Aspect

Bose 700  are sleek, sumptuous, stylish and upmarket wireless headphones from Bose. Evidently the construction is one of the best as a result of use of stainless steel and high quality plastics. Add to that the elegant craftsman ship of Bose and these headphones are anything but bollocks. However there is a downside to this, these headphones do not fold, hence these are not quite portable. Don’t let that dampen your spirits as these wireless cans do provide superb comfort levels and interestingly these are very intuitive to use and operate. Fitted with a USB-C port the battery on the Bose 700 lasts about 20 hours before needing a top-up, which is actually just mediocre. Surprisingly these ANC wireless headphones are available in 4 beautiful colors which can lend you the individuality you deserve.

Performance Aspect

Bose makes one of the best noise cancelling wireless headphones and the 700 are no slouch. The ANC capabilities are godly on these wireless headphones, its literally divine! They have 8 microphones in total, that’s something. Coming to the audio performance part, its wholesome, splendid and fulfilling. Specifics being that the bass is strong, balanced, it will get you “shuffling” to the tune. Additionally the mid range is bright, clear and articulate, they remain in front seat exactly where they belong. The treble response is warm and this helps take the sting right out of bright tracks, however on already balanced tracks instruments such as triangles and hi hats sound less sharp, there is room for improvement here. What good are 8 mics if call quality is not good, well Bose deprived us from taunting them as the call quality is ace. All in all its no brainer that the Bose 700 are exquisite and truly one of the best wireless headphones under ₹ 30000 in India.

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Unbeatable ANC.
Premium, upmarket looks.
Fantastic sound quality.
Ergonomic design and intuitive controls.


Don’t fold, so portability suffers.
Treble is slightly warm.

  • Keep your phone in your pocket and your head up to the world with easy access to voice assistants for music, navigation, weather and more
  • Confidently take a call or speak to Alexa in any environment, with an unrivalled adaptive four-microphone system that isolates your voice from surrounding noise
  • Optimized for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, access your voice assistant with a simple button press, Bluetooth range: Up to 10 m (33 ft)
  • Personalize your environment with 11 levels of noise cancelling – control distractions or let ambient sound in
  • Listen comfortably for hours – a streamlined, lightweight stainless-steel headband and angled ear cups make for a perfect fit
  • Stay connected to the world without reaching for your phone, intuitive touch controls on the ear cups keep everything simple
  • Get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life and time-based power information

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 deliver exceptional audio experience. These Wireless headphones feature an world-class four-microphone system so that these headphones capture and transmit crystal clear audio in noisy environments. A-class sound management gives you 11 levels of ambient noise cancellation, so you can control noises reaching your ear-drums or stay open to the world.

Bose Headphones 700 QC35 headphones II QuietControl 30 headphones
Levels of Noise Cancellation 11 levels of noise cancelling 3 levels of noise cancelling 12 levels of noise cancelling
VPA Alexa-enabled voice control Alexa-enabled voice control N/A (Alexa)
Connectivity Easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing Easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing Easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing
Battery Life Battery life up to 20 hours Battery life up to 20 hours Battery life up to 10 hours
Mic Type Adaptive 4-microphone array Noise-rejecting, dual-mic system Noise-rejecting, dual-mic system
Touch Controls Touch controls N/A (touch controls) N/A (touch controls)
Music App Bose Music app Bose Connect app Bose Connect app


Headphones:20.3 cm H x 16.5 cm W x 5.1 cm D (0.25 kg)

Carrying case:21.8 cm H x 17.9 cm W x 6.2 cm D (0.18 kg)

Audio cable:1.06 m

USB cable:0.5 m

Headband: Stainless steel available in three premium finishes
Headband cushion: Ultra-soft gel-like foam covered in colour-matched silicone
Ear cushions: Soft foam covered in protein leather
Earcup covers: Finished with special anti-stick coating for touch gestures

Battery life: Up to 20 hours
Battery charging time: Up to 2.5 hours
Quick 15-minute charge: For up to 3.5 hours
Battery charge method: USB-C

8 total microphones
6 microphones for Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
4 microphones for Voice Pickup (2 are shared with ANC)

Bluetooth range: Up to 10 m (33 ft)
Bluetooth version: 5.0 (including all headphone profiles)
Codec SBC and AAC

USB-C on the headphone side
USB-A on the source side (but a C-C cable would also work with a C-capable source)
2.5-mm audio cable for the headphone side and a standard 3.5-mm jack for the device side

Luxe Silver

Touch: Volume, skip track, phone calls, customizable shortcut
Buttons: VPA (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa), Bluetooth, Controllable Noise Cancelling
Voice-enabled VPA: Amazon Alexa
Bose Music app


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