CROSSBEATS Torq Touch TWS Earbuds Earphones, 18mm Drivers

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Build Aspect

The Crossbeats Torq are touted to be a flagship killer pair of earbuds. It has solid grounds on which it makes this claim. For starters the earbuds feature humongous 18mm drivers. Then there is IPX6 rating, touch controls, wireless charging, I mean its got all the bells and whistles. Additionally the build quality is undoubtedly very good, despite the fact that the case looks monotonous. However the buds themselves are ergonomic and elegant, therefore the comfort levels are very good. Last but not the least the claimed runtime of the earbuds are 12 very long hours on a single charge which can be extended to nearly 36 hours with the charging case. All of this make for a compelling case for the Torq Earphones.

Performance Aspect

Everything on paper does not always accurately describe the true audio performance of a product. For instance while these earbuds have got 18mm drivers the treble is sadly a little coarse. Although it is revealing and fairly accurate at low and low mid volumes it starts to loose composure at louder volumes. Mid range is decent and is poised to deliver sonic nuances which will not disappoint you. The vocals, instruments all sound good albeit a bit warm and therefore less engaging. On the flip-side the bass and lows are truly spellbinding. Beats are fast, punchy and the subsonic frequencies are aplenty, we are dazzled! On the call quality front the earbuds do an average job and ENC does an effective job of cancelling unwanted background noises. All in all its suffice to say that these earbuds are a good buy under 5000 rupees in India.

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Strong and deep bass.
Hefty build and contemporary looks.
Wireless charging case.
Superb battery life.


Coarse treble takes the kick out off of music.
Overall audio profile is warm and lacking in dynamics.
Somewhat glitchy connectivity.

  • IN-EAR INTUITIVE MUSIC DETECTION – Crossbeats Torq is first in its class Bluetooth wireless earphones with In-ear auto music detection. These True Wireless earbuds will pause music once you unplug an earbud from your ear and will resume playing when you wear them both.
  • 4 IN-BUILT MICROPHONES FOR CALLS – Are you tired of screaming hello, is the person on the other end frustrated with scratchy voice on calls because of your Bluetooth earphones? No more as these true wireless Bluetooth headphones. The Torq has 4 microphones with environmental noise cancelling in mic to ensure your communication over voice calls never break.
  • USB TYPE-C + WIRELESS CHARGING – Are you running out of battery when you need them the most? Time to switch your Bluetooth wireless earphones to the Crossbeats Torq. Now with wireless charging option, these Bluetooth wireless earbuds can last longer with 12 hours on a single charge and 36+ hours with the additional charges in the charging case. Has a Type C charging in case you need to use the cables.
  • OUT OF THE WORLD AUDIO – Engineered with the powerful graphene composite audio cards, these earphones with Qualcomm speakers are explosive in sound. Crossbeats Torq True Wireless earphones can pump immersive and realistic sound as if you were in the first row of a concert. *Qualcomm components used as a reference on this page are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.
  • TAKING GAMING BEYOND NORMAL – We don’t want you to just play the game, we want you to live the experience. These gaming earbuds for mobile house high-intensity audio drivers that ensure you feel all the adrenaline of real gaming. Added low latency mode on these Bluetooth gaming headphones of less than 70 milliseconds kills any kind of lags for smooth gameplay.

Product Description

A beast of a sound True Wireless with futuristic features that can dominate any flagship models in the market. Feather touch, in-ear music detection, wireless charging all backed by a fast Qualcomm chipset makes Torq the ‘flagship killer’.

*Qualcomm components used as a reference on this page are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.


18mm dynamic Ti-coated drivers

Bluetooth version


Audio Profile


Working Time


Charge Time


Operating Range



2000 MAH, 70 MAH*2

Noise Reduction



59 GMS

IPX Rating


Frequency Range

20-20000 HZ

Speaker Sensitivity

106 DB SPL +- 2 DB

Case Dimensions

55 X 60 X 32.5 MM


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