Focal Sense 100SI in-Ear Earphones, 8mm driver

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Build Aspect

Focal is a brand which is famous and known for its high performance Hi-Fi audio gear and equipment. Furthermore they are also famous and renowned for craftsmanship and high build quality. Sense 100SI is a result of some exquisite workmanship, designing and choice of materials. For instance the pods are metal and UV coated. Moreover the cable is flat and tangle free (albeit upbraided). As a result the overall build is good even for a pair of phones with an additional zero behind the price. Furthermore the durability should be right up to mark for the earphones.

Performance Aspect

In the sound department the Focals impress with the finesse in which they put out mid-range and treble, its upfront and straight. Bass on the other hand is more neutral and some might feel it to be a bit lacking. Likewise Focal Sense 100SI can handle plentiful volume and can get reasonably loud even with a modest amplifier as a result of their 16ohms impedance. Consequently the dynamics are right up there and sudden bursts in volume are handled with ease without the drivers ever feeling strained or sounding muddy. In totality these are a decent pair of earphones in their price range, provided you can get your hands on them.

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Extraordinary build quality with premium materials.
Hi Fi mid range and treble.
Get loud without strain.


Bass is neutral.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 3-button remote control with omnidirectional microphone
  • Flat cable, deep bass, jack connection
  • Aluminium finish
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Textured mate finish full – metal components
  • In-line microphone

Focal Sense100SI, the newly launched earphones. It is our entry-level model, giving customers a feel to the Focal sound. Easy to handle with a simple design. It comes in an aluminium finish with a flat anti-tangle cable. Accessible Focal sound. Exceptional performance/price ratio. Lightweight, comfortable. Ideal for a young, mobile and connected clientele. Aluminium body. Anti-tangle flat cable. Three-button remote control with microphone.

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