Lloyd 2.0 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, GLS24I36WSEL)

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Build Aspect

GLS24I36WSEL is a 2 Ton split AC from Lloyd. The immediate impression of this AC is that the AC looks quite compact and this can be partly attributed to its rounded edges and curvy looks. Similarly the AC set, i.e., the indoor unit and outdoor unit both are solid as brick, especially the IDU. In addition to being sturdy the split AC is well made and of high quality.

Performance Aspect

While it is certain that Lloyd AC are truly value for money it does not mean that they will be the best in their class. For example the cooling capacity of this AC is 21325 BTU is a bit less for a 2 Ton AC. Similarly it lacks motorized horizontal swing and is equipped with just auto vertical swing. On the bright side though this AC has a really fast and capable fan blower, pushing nearly 750 CFM of air which aids in fast cooling and bringing respite quickly. Furthermore the unit is also equipped with a PM 2.5 filter. Long story short GLS24I36WSEL AC is a capable AC with good looks and is perhaps one of the best 2 ton split AC in India.

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Rounded design, compact looks.
Powerful air flow volume of 747 CFM.


2 way air swing only.
High noise levels.

Product Details

  • Lloyd Split AC with variable speed Duo Rotary Inverter Compressor which automatically adjusts power depending on desired room temperature & heat load, Energy Efficient with Low Noise Operation, Smart & Elegant design to suit your office & home requirements
  • Capacity: 2.0 ton suitable for medium size rooms (Up to 200 square feet)
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star, Annual Energy Consumption: 1263.64, ISEER Value: 3.88 (please refer to energy label on the product page)
  • Warranty: 1 Year on the product and 10 Years on the Compressor (please refer to company website for further details)
  • Golden Fins Evaporator Coils: Ensures better cooling performance and requires low maintenance
  • 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tubes: Helps in better heat exchange and enhances cooling. It also enhances durability of the product
  • Special Features: Cools @ 52°C ambient temperature, Anti-Viral Dust Filter + PM 2.5 Air Filter, Stabilizer Free Operation (140V to 280V), 12m Long Air Throw, Auto Swing, Hidden LED Display, Backlit Remote, Blow Function (Self Cleaning), Self-Diagnosis Function, Auto Restart (On restoration of power) and Valve Protection Cover.


Refrigerant R-32
Comp. Type Rotary
Star Rating 3
Input current (Ampere) 9.58 A / 4.08 A
Power Supply (V / Hz / Phase ) 230 V / 50 Hz /1 Phase
ISEER 3.88
ODU Noise (dB) 57 dB
IDU Noise (dB) 52 dB / 49 dB / 47 dB / 43 dB
Air Flow (m³/h) 1270 m³ / h (747 CFM)
Input Power (W) 2170 W / 750 W
Cooling Capacity (W) 6250 W (21325 BTU) / 3125 W (10662 BTU)
ODU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 37.3 kg / 43.2 kg
ODU Dimension (L×W×H) in cm 94.0 cm x 37.0 cm x 68.0 cm
IDU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 15.2 kg / 19.3 kg
IDU Dimension (L×W×H) in cm 116.1 cm x 24.0 cm x 34.0 cm


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