Lloyd 7 Kg Fully Automatic Front load washing machine (LWMF70WX3)

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Build Aspect

Lloyd products tend to have a high performance aspect to them and this front load washing machine is another such shining example. While it uses good quality plastics and decent metals, the looks are very simplistic. The jog dial and control panel set has a good tactile feel to it. The build has minimum flex and feels quite robust. Despite the 7 kilogram capacity the footprint is on the smaller side. Do note that this is not a direct drive system.

Performance Aspect

This front load washing machine has got hitherto unheard of 1400 RPM spin capacity. Which essentially means is that the drying capability is superb, it dries them pronto. Additionally the high wattage in built heater warms the aqua quickly and gives a delicate wash to the laundry as selected. There is one issue though, the drive is belt driven which increases the vibrations. Moreover the water usage is not the best for this category of washing machines. Adequate wash modes and acceptable noise levels however mean that this front load washing machine is a good buy.

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1400 RPM max speed.
High watt heater.
Compact footprint.
Low noise.


Belt driven.
Vibrations are high.
Unimpressive looks.

  • 1400 RPM : Better Drying best in its class
  • Black Ribbon Door : Larger door with 315 mm diameter
  • Intellivents : Smartly designed Drum lifter design having water sprinkling holes which produces strong and gentle penetrating flows with constant change of the intelligently-control washing speed
  • Large LED Display
  • Froth Control : Smart Washing adjusts foam level and water level for better results.
  • Wrinkle Free Wash : Washing Machine makes the clothing smooth with anti-wrinkle technology and gives you more convenient experience
  • Jog dial : The jog dial which is easy to use compare to tact buttons & help in selecting wash program imparts a distinct style to the machine
  • Wash Programs : 16
  • Also included in the box : 1 N User Manual, 1 N Water Inlet Pipe, 1 N Rat Mesh, 4 N Transit Bolt Cap
  • Manufacturer Warranty:2 years on product, 10 years on motor


Drum Volume (L) 38 L
Wash Program 16
Door Diameter Inner/Outer (mm) 310 mm / 480 mm
Door Open Angle 180°
Heater 2100 W
Spin Speed (Revolution per minute) 1400 Revolution per minute
Wash Motor (W) 450 W
Machine Dimensions ( w x d x h ) 59.5 cm x 47 cm x 85 cm
Wash Capacity (kg) 7.0 kg


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