Mulo Arena 6000 2.1 Channel Soundbar, 5.25″ Woofer

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  • Made in India – From Design to Research & Development to Manufacturing, ARENA 6000 is proudly Made in India with 95% locally sourced components
  • Wooden Build – Wood has a high density and is naturally non-resonant which helps in producing great acoustic sound. The wooden enclosure provides minimum distortion and efficient amplification of sound from the speaker driver
  • True 60W R.M.S Output – ARENA 6000 is engineered to let you enjoy theater like sound experience at your home with the multi-driver sound bar and sub-woofer providing an immersive sound experience
  • Powerful Down-Firing Sub-woofer – The sub-woofer accounts for the deepest, lowest notes being compressed downward, then rippling outward along the floor which gives a richer sound for a stronger rumble effect with movies and games
  • Connectivity – Optical, Bluetooth v5.0 & AUX options provide easy connectivity with latest TVs. The Optical Digital Audio Input connection produces high quality sound connection between devices.
  • LED Display Indicator – You can toggle between different modes with ease with the LED Display indicator
  • FM Radio – ARENA 6000 has a Built-in FM feature which allows you to swoon to the music playing on different radio stations
  • Multiple EQ Modes – 5 different preset modes: Jazz, Vocals, Balanced, EDM and Trance have been provided which you can select based on your listening preference
  • Remote Control – The universal remote lets you adjust EQ modes, connectivity and more with ease




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