Pampers Active Baby Tape Diapers, New Born (0-5 kg), 72 Pcs Box

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Build Aspect

Pampers Active Tape Diaper are a top-notch offering from P&G. They feature a tape based system which helps in getting the most suitable fitting. Moreover the tape is not elastic as a part of feature and requires that parents fasten it appropriately. Subsequently the fitting is grippy which in turn avoids any leakages or discomfort. Furthermore a wetness indicator gives an approximation about the diaper being filled up.

Performance Aspect

Diapers are meant to absorb and the weight of Pamper Active diaper is around ~17 grams dry. This is quite decent and as a consequence the absorption is fantastic. Since the absorption is good these diapers also keep skin dry, thereby helping in prevention of rashes. The price of these diapers is somewhat high and that should be taken into account. Nonetheless, given its absorption, fitting and sheer quality it would be right to term these one of best diapers in India.

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17 gram a piece weight.
Comfortable, soft.
Wetness indicator.


Tape fitment will be a hit or miss.
A bit pricey.

  • Pampers Active Baby 5 Star Skin Protection- Specially designed diapers for baby’s comfort
  • Adjustable Fit- Taped diapers which you can make fit or loose based on your baby’s size
  • Stretchy Waist & Sides- Stretchable soft material to fit snugly around waist & side
  • Our Best Pampers Diapers- Trusted protection of Pampers, our best amongst India taped diapers
  • 360 Degree Cottony Softness- All-around cotton-like softness for baby’s delicate skin. Product does not contain cotton
  • Up to 12 hrs absorption- Our Magic Gel technology to keep baby dry all night
  • Extra Dry Layer- Quickly absorbs & spreads wetness to prevent leakage


  • Custom fit with tape – Make it tight or loose based on your baby’s need
  • Best Pampers –  Specially designed for ultimate skin comfort
  • Soft like cotton – For a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Wetness Indicator – Shows when your baby might need a change
  • Breathability – Keep air circulating around baby’s skin through the night
  • 3 layers of absorbency – Pull liquid away and keep your baby dry

    Technical Details


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