Panasonic 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (NA-148MB3L01)

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Build Aspect

Its not an easy task to find a quality product at decent prices. This is where this Panasonic 8 Kg top-load washing machine comes into picture. Firstly its a very well built product with no squeaks or niggles. The quality of materials is top-class and leave no room for complaints. Furthermore the stainless steel drum is specialized and has 2196 holes with 2.4mm dia. Similarly it is equipped with a jog dial and LED display setup which is super convenient. There are no two ways about the fact that this is a solid and finely built machine.

Performance Aspect

This a 8 KG and 1400 RPM machine, it clearly has lots of potential. Its not surprising that this top-load machine uses only 7 liters of water per Kg for each wash cycle. This effectively catapults and put it right with the industry leaders. Additionally it has an inbuilt water heater too for better performance and convenience. Likewise it has plentiful wash modes to select from, which is another thing in it favor. What is not in the favor though is that there is no steam clean feature. However lets not get bogged down as the overall performance is very silent and free from vibrations, that is mostly. It only at higher spin speeds that the machine sort of looses its composure. Nevertheless it can still be argued that this Panasonic washing machine is a very good buy.

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High efficiency washing machine.
Large porthole door.
Solid motor performance.
In Built heater.


No steam clean.
Lacks the ultimate working finesse of top-tier products.
After sales service is a hit or miss.

  • 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine with 480 mm wide door easy loading & unloading
  • Pre wash cleans soiled clothes by soaking
  • Brisk wash quick wash cycle saves time
  • Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine
  • Pause n Add clothes in the middle of a wash cycle
  • 1400 RPM max spin speed
  • Belt drive high quality motor


A+++ Energy Rated Yes
Hexa cube Drum Yes
Brisk Wash Yes
Pause N Add Yes
16 Programs Yes
5 Temperature Settings(20-30-40-60-90 ℃) Yes
25% less time Yes
Pre Wash Yes
My Cycle Yes
Big Display Yes
Tub Clean Yes
Mute Wash Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Child Lock Yes
Net Dimensions 59.50*56.50*85.00 cm
Max RPM 1400


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