Panasonic 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner (Copper, CS/CU-RU12XKYA)

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Build Aspect

Panasonic CS/CU-RU12XKYA is the successor to the hugely popular and top selling CS/CU-RU12XKY 1 Ton Split AC. Much alike its predecessor the indoor is an elegantly styled unit, its got a neat and tidy look to it. Moreover it is well put together with decent plastics hence durable. The outdoor unit is more hefty with an added 2 kilograms of weight hinting towards a better build and or compressor.

Performance Aspect

We are happy to report that this 1 Ton Panasonic Split AC is a high performance machine. The 13300 BTU per hour cooling capacity really shines and impresses. Furthermore the blower is now better than before with a smidgen more air per minute, that is it rolls out 441 CFM of air. Talking about improvements the ISEER has jumped from 3.65 to 3.95, however it still remains a 3 star efficiency AC. Also note that the noise levels are kept in check, making the split AC unobtrusive. In conclusion taking a note about its performance, price, features it would not be wrong to call this one of the best 1 ton split AC in India.

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Superb cooling capability of 13300 BTU.
PM 2.5 filter.
Fantastic blower speeds, 441 CFM.


2 way auto swing.

  • Split AC with Inverter compressor: Variable Speed Inverter Compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation
  • Capacity: 1 Ton – Suitable for small sized rooms (< = 110 sq ft) | Equipped with Powerful and Dry Mode for different cooling needs
  • Energy Star Rating: 3 Star | Annual Power Consumption: 676.37 kWh | ISEER: 3.95
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive | 5 years on PCB |10 years on Compressor
  • Copper Condenser Coil with Shield Blu Technology: Anti Corrosion Blue Fin Technology | Enhances durability in high humidity coastal areas



Tonnage Class T 1.0
Brand Panasonic CS/CU-RU12XKYA
Cooling Capacity Standard [Min. – Max.] Btu/h 11940 [5500 – 13300]
W 3500 [1600 – 3800]
ISEER 3.95
Annual Power Consumption kWh 685.68
Star Rating 3
Electrical Data Voltage V 230
Running Current A 5.0
Power Input Standard Cooling [Min. – Max.] W 1090 [350 – 1100]
Moisture Removal l/h 1.0
Pt/h 2.1
Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi) mᵌ/min 12.5
ftᵌ/min 441 CFM
Dimensions IDU Length (L) cm 87.0
Breadth (B) cm 21.1
Height (H) cm 29.0
Dimensions ODU Length (L) cm 82.4
Breadth (B) cm 29.9
Height (H) cm 61.9
Noise Level Indoor (H/L) [dB-A] 45/37
Outdoor [dB-A] 56
Net Weight IDU [ODU] kg 9 [25]
IDU [ODU] lb 20 [55]
Refrigerant R-32
Operating Temp. Range 16 ~ 52
Operating Volt. Range V 145 – 285
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side cm Ø0.635
Gas Side cm Ø0.952
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length m 7.5
Maximum Pipe Length m 10
Maximum Elevation Length m 5
Additional Refrigerant Gas * g/m 10
Power Supply Source Indoor


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