Panasonic SC-HT480GW-K, 6.5″ Woofer

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Build Aspect

Panasonic is a Japanese brand and a manufacturer and seller of many high quality appliances and products such as Air Conditioners, Soundbars. The SC-HT480GW-K is a unique soundbar system. It can be tweaked and be used as a 2.1 system with 2 tallboy speakers. It can also be used as a 3.1 system with one large horizontal center speaker and vertical standing ones. Or lastly it can be used a 4.1 system with all 4 speakers used individually. The stand base is supplied for all speakers and is removable. Overall build quality is decent and the system looks more expensive than it really is. Similarly the subwoofer is a hefty unit and infact houses all the controls inputs/outputs and control set for the entire package. The driver in the subwoofer is a 6.5 inch one while the satellites feature 2.5″ drivers. The speakers interconnect with a twist and lock mechanism which although is simple, works perfectly. The same locking system is used to connect the base of the speakers should you choose to use them vertically standing on a desk or any other surface. The height of all units is identical and this gives all the 5 pieces a good symmetry should you use all of them in same plane and same configuration.

Performance Aspect

The power output of this system is rated at 100 watts, while it may seem low at first it actually is not. 4 speakers and one subwoofer all work in harmony to create decent Sound pressure levels. Volume is not an issue however quality can be. While the output is punchy and crisp its the V-shaped curve that is bothersome. The highs are shrill and piercing and at the same time lows work overtime to deliver but they lack in character. That is to say the bass is less than ideal. While at lower volumes the driver maintains composure and performs fine, giving decent beats and punches. It is the louder volumes when compression starts to kick in and the subwoofer looses all sense, transients are slow and bass gets muddy. We did not loose hope and put the built in EQ to use and little bit of changes here and there which were mostly reducing the treble and bass resulted in not only better mid range but also far better overall sound quality. We basically toned down the extreme inbuilt V curve output. The surround performance and channel separation is dependent on speaker placement which is fully customizable thanks to all 4 individual speakers. All in all it is a value for money system and a must buy if you want a unmatched surround experience albeit with a few caveats.

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4 individual speakers, give superb surround effect.
Impressive build quality.
Lots of placement and configuration options.


No optical/digital input.
Bass and woofer output is muddy.
Out of the box sound profile is too sharp.

Product Details

  • 4.1Ch Convertible Sound Bar, 100W RMS, BT, AUX, USB,Wall Mountable, Remote Control
  • Deep bass with front duct
  • Mount the front speakers vertically or horizontally
  • Premium design


  • Total system power RMS 10% THD

    • 100W
  • USB

    • Yes
  • SD

    • No
  • FM

    • No
  • NFC

    • No
  • Remote control

    • Yes
  • Display

    • No (LED indicator)
  • Display Colour

    • LED Indicator (BT-Blue;AUX-Red; USB-Red&Blue)
  • Recording on USB

    • No
  • Karaoke

    • No
  • Smart sound control (i.e. eqal)

    • No
  • Controls

    • Button controls and Remote control
  • Power ON/ OFF

    • Switch Control
  • Control knobs

    • No
  • Remote control keys

    • 13 Keys
  • Remote control coding

    • As per Artwork
  • Headphone socket

    • No
  • Frequency response

    • 40Hz-20KHz
  • Separation

    • >= 40dB
  • S/N

    • >= 70 dB
  • THD (1W,1KHz)

    • 1%
  • Hum Noise

    • Bass 5mV, Treble 3mV
  • Input power consumption

    • 120W
  • St-by power consumption

    • 3W
  • Speaker sizes

    • Sub.: 6.5″
      Sat.: 2.5″
  • AUX/MP3 input

    • Yes
  • USB/SD

    • USB
  • Power cord Spec

    • 2*0.5mm, 1.5M
  • Plug type

    • Indian
  • Accessories

    • Audio cable, User Manual, Warranty card, Remote Control
  • Input Cables

    • 3.5M Stereo-RCA audio cable, RCA-RCA audio cable
  • DFU / Warranty

    • As per Contract
  • Remote Control (with/without Battery)

    • Alkaline environmentally friendly battery *2


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