Pioneer SBX-101 Wireless Soundbar Black with Subwoofer, 5.25″ Woofer

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  • High-power output brings you the best sound quality and stunning surround sound experience SBX-101 features a separate speaker bar and subwoofer: the speaker bar is designed to produce high and mid frequencies, generally vocals,instrumental music and environmental sound, whereas subwoofer adds a very specific and valuable quality to your home theater sound experience – you can feel the sound. The low frequencies produced by a subwoofer are typically made by musical instruments like bass drums.
  • Speaker bar won’t block your TV screen While new flat-panel TVs are designed with a thinner bezel, there is less space for the built-in speakers. Given the less amount of space underneath the TV, positioning the speaker bar can be more difficult.The height of the SBX-101 is only 60 mm and it can be placed in front of most TVs without blocking the screen or even the subtitles. Nor will its smaller footprint affect the overall appearance of the TV either.
  • Wireless woofer makes connection and installation much easier To provide deeper bass, the SBX-101 features a separate speaker bar and wireless subwoofer but the installation and setup are quite easy.After plugging in the AC cables,press the pairing button on the subwoofer to establish a wireless connection between the two units, and then the subwoofer will connect automatically the next time when speaker bar gets powered on. The SBX-101 provides AUX-IN, 3.5 mm Line-in and Optical inputs.
  • Dolby Audio technology makes the sound more immersive Dolby Audio technology from Dolby Laboratories is designed to restore digital movie audio at home to the audio quality close to that of commercial cinemas. This allows users to stay at home while at the same time enjoying the harmonious and powerful sounds of movies and TV shows where both the audio and visual elements can be more fully experienced. Dolby Audio technology also allows 5.1-channel surround sound to be immediately remixed
  • Hidden LED indicators show all the status Under the SBX-101 speaker grille, there is a set of hidden LED indicators, by which users can easily understand the current operating status of the speaker bar and see clearly if the operation commands are received. Users will no longer need to point the remote control at the speaker bar aimlessly without getting any visual feedback.



Speaker Bar: W42 x H47 x D157 mm / Full-range Cone

Wireless Subwoofer: W133 x H133 x D76 mm/5-1/4”Cone Woofer x1


Type: Class D

Channels: 2.1

Max. Power Output: Total 108 W (Speaker Bar + Wireless Subwoofer)

THD 30 %, 6 ohms

-Speaker Bar: 30 W x 2

-Wireless Subwoofer: 48 W


Dolby Audio™


Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


Audio: MP3 (.mp3), WMA (.wma), AAC (.m4a), WAV (.wav),FLAC (.flac), Monkey’s Audio (.ape)


USB in x 1

Line in x 1

Optical in x 1

AUX in x 1


Power Requirements: AC 100~240 V,50/60 Hz

Power Consumption/Standby: ≤ 0.5 W

Power Consumption During Standby:≤ 1.8 W (Network Standby Mode)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

-Speaker Bar: 880 x 55 x 80 mm

-Wireless Subwoofer: 200 x 292 x 230 mm


-Speaker Bar: 1.59 kg

-Wireless Subwoofer: 3.0 kg


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