Portronics Pure Sound Pro IV

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Build Aspect

Portronics Pure Sound Pro IV is a Bluetooth enabled battery powered speaker. It has a 2000mAh battery which gives it a appreciable playback time of around 4 hours and probably more if used at lower volume. The design is a odd one, as on the front it is angular whereas the it is rounded at the rear. Connectivity options include FM Radio, Aux, USB and Bluetooth. The build quality is solid and it weighs nicely in the hand.

Performance Aspect

The sound performance is overwhelming. Portronics surprises us with it powerful and dynamic sound. Even the bass is good for the size, portability and naturally the price. The mids are clear and all instruments and vocals are articulate and have a sense of brilliance. The throat sounds especially are very revealing and extravagant. The cherry on top is detailed, delicate and coherent highs. This is a Hi Fi soundbar and the output is impressive. Unfortunately low overall output takes the thrill out of this soundbar and this does not go very loud. Furthermore the controls set is lackluster apart from no visual cues as to the state of battery life. Be that as it may this is still a very competent soundbar and Bluetooth speaker.

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Amazing Hi Fi sound.
Soundbar and portable speaker capability.
Solid build quality.


No battery life indicator.
Lacking in overall output.
Looks are a bit odd!


  • Model :
  • Color :
  • Output :16W
  • Product Code :
  • Power Input :
  • Bluetooth Version :
  • Battery Capacity :
  • Playback time :
  • Dimension:
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