Samsung 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, AR18BYNZAUR)

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Build Aspect

Samsung is a well acknowledged name, especially for appliances such as ACs not only because of quality of their offerings but also thanks to the wide and supportive after sales network. Coming to the AR18BYNZAUR, its 1.5 Ton 5 star split AC with an Inverter compressor.  The exterior has a dual tone finish which looks “Bristol fashion”. Apart from that the quality of plastics, the filter access mechanism all are of very good caliber. Although the outdoor unit felt a little skinny, it is well put together and is rather shipshape. Note: The AC seems identical to AR18AYNZBUR.

Performance Aspect

Alright pace yourself, especially since this is about cooling. This split AC dons 22179 BTU per hour cooling capability, that is an atrociously large number. This 1.5 ton split is very potent and capable, there is no doubt about it. Did we mention the blower speed yet? probably not since that blows you away with a rocking 681 cubic feet of air every minute (CFM). All this totals to making sure that summer heat is a far cry. And of course this 1.5 ton split sips very less electricity as is evident by its 4.65 ISEER, behold its a 5 star rated AC. Do not be overwhelmed by its performance, as Samsung has conveniently avoided giving a auto horizontal swing feature to it. Plus it also is devoid of a PM filter too. Nevertheless as a result of its much talented cooling this AC is definitely one of the finest in India. View the AR18BYNZBWK AC too, its similar but with Wi-Fi.

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Splendid cooling of 22179 BTU.
Superb ISEER of 4.65.
Powerful 681 CFM blower.


No PM 2.5 filter.
2 way auto swing only.

  • Split AC with inverter compressor: Variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation
  • Split AC: 1.5 ton Suitable for medium sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft)
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star | Annual Energy Consumption 832.80 Units per year | ISSER Value: 4.65 | Copper Condenser Coil: Better cooling and requires low maintenance
  • R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change. The air conditioner uses the next generation R32 refrigerant, which helps conserve the ozone layer and has a low impact on global warming.
  • Easy to clean filter – Keep your air conditioner working efficiently with less effort. The Easy Filter Plus is located outside, on the top, so it can easily be taken out and cleaned. Its dense mesh keeps the Heat Exchanger clean and an anti-bacterial coating helps protect you against dangerous airborne contaminants.
  • Warranty : 1 Year on Product, 10 Years on Compressor
  • Product Dimensions & Weight : IDU – 105.5 cm X 29.9 cm X 21.5 cm (w x h x d), Outdoor : 79 cm X 54.8 cm X 28.5 cm (w x h x d), IDU : 11.4 Kg, Outdoor : 29.5 Kg



  • Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr) 17061 Btu/hr
  • Capacity (Cooling, Min – Max, Btu/hr) 4,265 ~ 22,179 Btu/hr
  • Capacity (Cooling, kW) 5.00 kW
  • Capacity (Cooling, Min – Max, kW) 1.25 ~ 6.50 kW

Energy Efficiency

  • ISEER (W/W) 4.65 W/W
  • EER (Cooling, W/W) 3.62 W/W
  • EER (Cooling, Btu/hW) 12.36 Btu/hW
  • Energy Star Rating (Cooling) 5 Star

Noise Level

  • Noise Level (Indoor, High/Low, dBA) 45/24 dBA
  • Noise Level (Outdoor, High/Low, dBA) 50 dBA

Electrical Data

  • Power Source(Φ/V/Hz) 1 / 230 / 50
  • Power Consumption(Cooling, W) 1380 W
  • Operating Current(Cooling, A) 6.2 A

Physical specification

  • Gross Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 1115*290*375 mm
  • Gross Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 926*640*412 mm
  • Net Dimension (Indoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 1055*299*215 mm
  • Net Dimension (Outdoor, WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 790*548*285 mm
  • Gross Weight (Indoor, kg) 13.4 kg
  • Gross Weight (Outdoor, kg) 34.4 kg
  • Net Weight (Indoor, kg) 11.4 kg
  • Net Weight (Outdoor, kg) 29.5 kg
  • Loading Quantity (20/40/40Hft without Pipe) 77/159/182

Technical Information

  • Piping Length (Max, m) 30 m
  • Piping Height (Max, m) 15 m
  • SVC Valve (Liquid (ODxL)) 6.35
  • SVC Valve (Gas (ODxL)) 12.7
  • Moisture Removal (l/hr) 2.0 l/hr
  • Air Circulation (Cooling, ㎥/min) 19.3 ㎥/min (681 CFM)
  • Refrigerant (Type) R32
  • Refrigerant (Charging, kg) 1.05 kg
  • Refrigerant (Charging, tCO2e) 0.71 tCO2e
  • Low Ambient (Cooling, ℃) 15~52 ℃
  • Outdoor Unit (Compressor Type) BLDC
  • Outdoor Unit (Anti-Corrosion Fin) Yes

Air Flow

  • Air Direction Control (Up/Down) Auto
  • Air Direction Control (Left/Right) Manual
  • Air Flow Control Step (Cool/Fan) 5/4

Air Purification

  • PM 1.0 Filter No
  • Tri Care Filter No
  • Easy Filter Plus (Anti-Bacteria) No
  • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning) Yes


  • SmartThings No
  • AI Auto Cooling No
  • Motion Detect Sensor No
  • Filter Cleaning Indicatior Yes
  • Indoor Temp. Display Yes
  • Display On/Off Yes
  • Beep On/Off Yes
  • 24-Hour Timer Yes
  • Auto Changeover No
  • Auto Restart Yes

Operating Mode

  • Auto Mode Yes
  • Fast Cool Yes
  • Good Sleep Yes
  • Dehumidification Yes
  • Fan Mode Yes
  • Quiet Yes


  • WiFi Embedded No

App Connectivity

  • SmartThings App Support No

The above specs are for AR18AYNZBUR which we believe is same as  AR18BYNZAUR. In case we are wrong please notify us.


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