Sony WF-C500 TWS Earbuds, 5.8mm Driver

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Build Aspect

The Sony WF-C500 are affordable yet premium pair of TWS earbuds which succeed the loved Sony WF-XB700. Their build quality and finish are decent as a result they feel rich for the money. In what is definitely an added advantage is the presence of IPX4 water resistance which was sorely missed previously. Furthermore the looks are also more matured and evenly rounded, fitting evenly inside the ears. Alas thanks to the included ear tips of varying sizes the in-ear fitting is comfortable and mostly snug, which improves audio performance, gives better noise isolation and consequently less prone to accidental popping out. In what can be described as giving a killer blow to competition is the single charge battery life. These earphones can run for nearly 10 hours on single charge with the case holding enough juice for another such full charge, taking the total playback time to 20 hours.

Performance Aspect

The audio quality is the factor which can single-handedly decide the fate of a product. Having said that its comforting to state that these are a definite improvement and better sounding all around than the Sony WF-XB700s. Imagine lots of bass with thump, rumble and then some headache i.e., the whole shebang, now imagine it without the headache, that is exactly what these earbuds have. They excel in providing deep, rich and fast bass response, they sound lovely. Additionally the mid-range is spotless, its truly amazing that the mids, vocals, the instruments such as flute, piccolo, trumpet and even likes of xylophone sound realistic and natural. By now you must be wondering that such extreme performance couldn’t be possible at this price, well yes, there is one issue of the culpable treble. Its passable mostly, however they definitely are dull, especially in higher range which comprises of hi-hats, cymbals, which sound muddled and lost in background. In a surprising development the call quality is oodles better and won’t disappoint at all, it was a pleasant surprise and a much needed one too. Therefore considering all that these earbuds are capable of it would be sagacious to say that these are definitely one of the finest earphones under ₹ 5000 in India.

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Solid built, premium looks.
Really long single charge battery life.
Superb call quality.
Mesmerizing beats and mids.


Lackluster treble and highs.
Charging case is woefully under equipped.
Disappointing control scheme.

Product Details

Brand Sony
Ear Placement In Ear
Colour Black, White, Green, Orange
Connector Type Wireless
Model Name WF-C500

  • Sound Quality – DSEE restores high frequency sounds lost in compression
  • Battery Life – Up to 10hr battery life, total up to 20hr with charging case
  • Ratings – Splash-proof and sweat-proof with an IPX4 rating
  • Built-In Mic – Easier, clearer hands-free calling
  • Comfort – Small and light for a great fit and all day wear


Size & Weight

Approx. 5.4 g x 2

General Features

Headphone Type
Closed, dynamic
Driver Unit
5.8 mm
Frequency Response(Bluetooth® Communication)
20Hz-20,000Hz (44.1kHz sampling)
Volume Control
Yes / IPX4


Battery Charge Time
Approx. 2.5hrs
Battery Charge Method
USB Charge (with case)
Battery Life(continuous music playback time)
Max. 10 hrs
Max. 5.0 hrs

Bluetooth® Specification

Bluetooth® version
Bluetooth Specification Version5.0
Effective Range
Frequency Range
2.4GHz band (2.4000GHz-2.4835GHz)
Supported Audio Format(s)
Supported Content Protection

Charging Case

Battery Charge Time
Approx 3hrs
Approx. 35 g
Approx. 80.0 x 34.9 x 30.9 mm

Colour Options

white, black, green, orange

What’s In The Box

  • USB Cable: Type-C®


  1. Rimmy88

    Perfect literally if ANC is not needed. One other issue though is the case which has less battery capacity.

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