Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Window AC (185V ADA)

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Build Aspect

Voltas 185V ADA is a 1.5 Ton Window AC with an inverter compressor. There are two things that stand out, one being the vertical Voltas branding running across the entire height of AC on the left and second is the fact that the facade of AC otherwise is very clean, lending it an overall classy look. The build quality is average only as the unit is a skinny, sort of and skimps on copper coating. In contrast the remote is a handful unit and comes with a good layout and glow in the dark buttons.

Performance Aspect

This is an inverter AC and a very competent one. Firstly the compressor has a terrific cooling capacity of 17231 BTU. Secondly this cooling capacity is spread evenly with plentiful intensity as a result of 470 CFM that the fan puts out. Thirdly the energy efficiency is top-notch, 3.45 ISEER helps save on utility bills. Finally the noise levels are well managed, a maximum of 54 db is not that bad for a window AC with its fan speed. A fly in ointment is that this AC lacks a PM 2.5 filter. Ultimately it can be inferred that this window AC is not only good but is perhaps one of the best 1.5 Ton Window AC you can buy in India.

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Good overall cooling.
Strong fan speed, 470 CFM.
Very good 3.45 ISEER.
Handy, ergonomic remote.


Lacks a PM 2.5 filter.
Build leaves a bit to be desired.

Product Details

  • 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Window AC
  • Cooling Technology : High Ambient Cooling Technology
  • Self-Diagnosis Feature alerts you of a fault in the AC’s operation
  • High EER Rotary – BLDC Compressor gives reliable performance
  • High Ambient Cooling even at 50 degree Celsius


Model Type Voltas WAC
Tonnage 1.5 Ton
Full Load Capacity (100%) 5050 W / 17231 BTU
Half Load Capacity (50%) [W] 2525
Compressor Type Rotary – BLDC
Refrigerant Gas R-32
Power Supply [V/Hz/Ph] 230 / 50 / 1 Phase
Full Load Power (100%) [W] 1698
Half Load Power (50%) [W] 730
Star Rating 5
Air Flow Volume – Indoor 800 CMH / 470 CFM
*Noise Level – Indoor [..dB(A)] 54
Rated ISEER [W/W] 3.45
Max operating Ambient Temp Range [Deg C] 50⁰ C
Wide Operating Voltage Range [V] 145~265
Operation LCD Remote
LED Display Yes
Anti Dust Yes
Antimicrobial Protection No
Catechin Filter No
Acaro Bacterium No
Silver Ion No
CO2 Reduction Yes
Copper Tubes- Inner Grooved Yes
Copper tubes Inner Groove
Self Diagnosis Yes
Anti Fungal No
Auto Restart Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Turbo No
Swing Yes
Lock No
Timer Yes
Glow Buttons No
Dual Temp. Display No
Cross Flow No
Superdry Mode No
Adjustable Cooling Yes
Energy Saver Yes
Glow Light Button Yes
Easily Removable Panel Yes
Turbo Mode Yes
Memory Function Yes
Large LED Display Yes
Unit Dimension (WxHxD) [mm] 66x43x70.5


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