Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO, 120W soundbar with subwoofer, 6.5″ Woofer

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Build Aspect

We have seen numerous Zebronics products to realize by now that all their products, no matter the price range are well built and do not feel flimsy or cheap. The Zeb-Juke Bar 9001 Pro is no exception, it is a very heavy solid system. Moreover you can feel the potency and capability of the soundbar from the size and weight of the soundbar. The soundbar has a slim yet a deep profile because 4 of the 6 drivers are top firing while remaining 2 are conventional front firing. Furthermore the soundbar has got 2 side firing ports too. While the sub-woofer is conventional with a single side mounted 6.5″ driver and a forward facing triangle port. Additionally subwoofer unit is made of MDF with a rugged feel, whereas the soundbar is made from plastic. Although it is wrapped in metal grill on two sides where the drivers and mounted. Lastly this system looks rich, premium and is not a flimsy el-cheapo product.

Performance Aspect

Moving on to the audio performance now. Firstly the 6 speaker layout really ups the game as far soundbar performance is concerned. Intricate detailing with fabulous airy treble make sure that you hear the faintest nuances. Secondly the midrange is good that is the dialogues and instruments are clear, articulate and transparent. The sound stage is wide, enveloping and instrument separation is spot on. Moreover the system can get dynamic and theatrical if the situation demands. Thirdly the subwoofer is powerful and blends seamlessly with the soundbar to give a satisfying auditory experience. Although in hindsight it fails to produce lower registers of the bass but then 6.5″ driver would need a lot of power and excursion to go deep. It would be wise to conclude by saying that Zeb-Juke Bar 9001 Pro soundbar is a value for money and high performance home theater system. You can also checkout the Zeb-Juke 9000 in similar price range.

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Impressive sound quality.
Rich, sturdy build.
Superb sound stage and dynamics.
6 total drivers in the soundbar.


Wired subwoofer.
Large and heavy soundbar.
Bass lacks depth.

  • Bring home theatre quality experience with “Dolby Digital Plus” sound on ZEB-Juke Bar 9001 PRO Dolby that has a sleek design to keep things minimalist and super compact.
  • Movies, music or just about anything entertainment related, Zeb-Juke Bar will have you covered with its scintillating audio clarity and theatre-like sound experience .
  • Right at your home with its high fidelity overall output at 120 RMS along with a 16.51cm powerful subwoofer.
  • Output Power (RMS) Subwoofer 60 watts, Soundbar 60 watts, Total 120 watts
  • Driver Size Subwoofer 16.51cm x 1Soundbar 6.98cm x 4 + 2.54cm x 2. S/N Ratio ≥72dB. Separation ≥42dB
  • Impedance Subwoofer 4ΩSoundbar 4Ω + 8ΩFrequency response 45Hz-20kHz



Output power (RMS)
Subwoofer 60 watts
Soundbar 60 watts
Total 120 watts
Driver size
Subwoofer 16.51cm  x 1
Sound bar 6.98cm x 4 + 2.54cm x 2
Soundbar 4Ω + 8Ω
Frequency response 45Hz-20kHz
S/N Ratio ≥72dB
Separation ≥42dB
File format support (USB) MP3
Line input 3.5mm, Optical IN, HDMI(ARC)
Max. supported memory size (USB) 32GB
BT version 5.0
Product dimension (W x D x H)
Subwoofer 170 x 306 x 380 mm
Sound bar 900 x 118 x 67 mm
Package dimension (W x D x H) 451 x 230 x 973 mm
Net. weight
Subwoofer 4.3 kg
Sound bar 2.7 kg
Total 7.0 kg
Package contents
Woofer 1 Unit
Soundbar 1 Unit
Power Cord 1 Unit
Remote control 1 Unit
Input cable 1 Unit
Wallmount bracket with fasteners 1 Pair
User Manual 1 Unit


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