SB16 and PB16 Ultra Driver T/S Parameters

Comparison table showing much awaited Thiele Small Parameters and specifications of driver of most sought after subwoofers, the SB16 ultra and PB16 ultra.

SB16 and PB16 Ultra Driver T/S Parameters & Specifications

Presenting for modelling and comparison purposes T/S parameters of SB16 and PB16 ultra driver.

Finding the T/S parameters and specs of 16 Ultra drivers had proven to be futile until now.

After the comparison table you will also find for the first time full driver manufacturer specification for PB16 ultra driver.

Now you can not only model these drivers but also make comparison with your projects and DIY builds to learn and perfect your subwoofer.

Comparison Table for T/S Parameters

FsHz30.08 (15%)34.78 (15%)26.55 (15%)
Half space sensitivitydb @ 2.83V / 1M87.287.3683.54
Half space sensitivitydb @ 1W / 1M85.886.581.4
Effective cone dia.cm32.6632.6631.4
Motor efficiency factor β(T*M²)/Ohms199.4115182.7
Noise PowerW120015003500
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Posted on: 15th May 2021

sb 16 and pb16 ultra driver

Important observations.

  • Noise power Watts of SB16 driver is 1200 as against 1500 of the PB16.
  • SB16 and PB16 ultra driver T/S figures vary quite largely, completely different drivers!
  • Do note the Gap height Gh of PB16 driver.
  • Not mentioned are the driver weights which are 25 kilo for SB16 and 27 kilo for P16.
  • The much compared driver STW-350F has a 31.4 cm cone dia vs 32.66 cm of the other two, 16 ultra drivers are larger!
  • Moreover the Fs of all three drivers vary significantly.
  • The sensitivity of ultra drivers is much better than the STW-350F driver, by upto 5db, meaning they need less power.
  • SB16 has got strongest BL by a good margin.
  • Voice coil dia. is the same in all 3 drivers.

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