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Best Home Theater Speakers in India

There are countless brands available, making the process to choose not only difficult but also confusing, don’t worry our expertise will ease you into selection.

Best Smart / A.I. Speakers in India

Need an A.I. to help you out? We provide a comprehensive list of all the available options and their pros and cons.

Best Home Theater in A Box Systems in India

HTIB or Home Theater in A Box is a simple and cost effective way to get your room the effects of a theater like sound. We at buy guru love great sound and we list all options with our choices for your help.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India

Whether you are on a beach or some place remote without mains AC battery powered speakers can get you hooked up to music instantly, we provide you with the options at hand with our choice of selection.

Best Soundbar in India

Tired of inaudible dialogue from small LED TV speakers? Time to add a soundbar to enhance the TV sound and add theatrical effects with minimum footprint.