Time The Eluding Dimension?


Let me preface it by saying that this Article, Paper or Blog called Time The Eluding Dimension? is a theory only.

Coincidence, jinx, happenstance, thinking of the devil what does all these have in common? Something you said or thought and it actually happened.


Have you ever had a thought only to see it turn into a real event later? Have you ever felt something bad was going to happen and it actually does? How about you think about someone quiet distant or someone you have not seen or spoken to in a long time, only to come across them or get a call from them by sheer coincidence? How about your pet, has it ever acted weirdly, sadly before a sad event occurs, making you wonder if your pet has a 6th sense?

The Theory

Well let me posit that I believe the brain is actually capable of perceiving a future event before it happens. The time peeked into could be from a few minutes later to a few days. However you will never be able to see someone else’s future, well let’s leave that to the sorcerers now shall we. Remember my theory is about catching glimpses when you are awake, dreams could work too but dreams tend to be more confusing, elaborate and they contain lots of noise, ascertaining  relevant information is not easy. Time is an eluding dimension unless you know how to look at it.

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What is Time

Time is not something which can be touched or navigated but it is something linear and moving continuously. We are just on a wagon which is moving us through the time, however our brain can get glimpses of our own future events every now and then.

The occurrence is beyond our control mostly and it might not happen to all regularly for us to believe it to be a phenomenon. However I further believe that the brain can be conditioned and trained to get a glimpse of an event occurring in the next few days or hours.

This is not some hocus belief or insane thought at all it is something which just for now has no scientific proof but the possibility of it being true with a scientific reason could be possible. Our brain is very complex and I believe it is at times capable of seeing the Time as a dimension and hence look ahead in to an event.


Now the question comes to your mind, can you alter the event after you have had a glimpse of it? Well you can not. Remember your brain saw what happens in actual! And if doesn’t happen what you saw was not a glimpse in to the future but a thought of your own.

Can you make good use of the said information? For instance you are a regular at horse racing and you did happen to catch a glimpse of which horse wins the race. The short answer is, yes. Although it is quite possible that the said horse might win the race (the glimpse you saw) on a slightly different day/time. So before you bet your life savings on it, be sure of it.

Also read Wikipedia about precognition.


Currently in science there is no such proof of such a possibility. Moreover it is believed that such transfer of information breaks temporal causality. Similarly physicists have argued that information in particles can not travel backwards in time. On the other hand quantum physics is something which is still uncharted. I would posit that brain has the capability to view the time as a dimension and therefore can inadvertently give insights to ones own future events.

True Potential

I have known people who could not sleep through the entire night. And in the morning they get the sad news of sudden and unexpected demise of a loved one. Well again their brains did perceive that information but the conscious mind could not get a hold of it, however their subconscious was aware of it and that is reflected in the restlessness of body.

Same thing applies with pets, sometimes they do get a glimpse of something bad which is about to happen. But maybe sometimes they are not just consciously aware what that is, yet the brain triggers an emotional response. Consequently our pets seem sad and dull and we remember it after the fact it has happened.

Time is a fascinating idea, and the thought that we can foresee a bit of our future opens up enormous possibilities about brain and its capabilities. The slightest chance of being able to look at this eluding dimension called time is going to change how we have understood not only organic life but also science as a whole.

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Theory by: Buy.Guru Admin, Posted on 14th October 2022, 16:36 I.S.T.

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