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Best Bookshelf Speakers You Can Buy In India

Best Bookshelf Speakers That You Can Buy In India.

This is a list of some of the best bookshelf speakers you can buy in India. Buy.Guru reviews help in choosing the best bookshelf speakers in India.


Elac Debut B6

Dali Spektor 2

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

Polk Audio Signature S15


Boston Acoustics A 25

Klipsch RP-500M

Monitor Audio Bronze 2

Emotiva Airmotiv B1+

1. KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speakers

Uni-Q driver is the phenomenon which gives these bookshelves the sound they get. These bookshelves are not a part of a range of series but instead is a standalone offering with no elder bothers or sisters.

Its a 2 way design in which the tweeter is placed centered inside mid-range/main driver, just like a coaxial speaker. Consequently this configurations give it a brilliant sound which tackles many aberrations of using 2 drivers and delivers stunning sound quality which is true to the source. Furthermore the construction is robust and the cabinet is dampened very well. There is a single port at the rear which is unusually made from soft plastic, which according to KEF has advantages in low frequency output.


Excellent precision sound thanks to Uni-Q driver.
Great and big sound presentation.
Stereo imaging is stunning.


Are not sensitive, meaning need a good wattage amplifier to bring them to life.
Many would feel the need for a dedicated sub-woofer.

2. Elac Debut B6 Bookshelf Speakers

The B6s are the largest bookshelf speakers in Elac’s Debut series, laden with a two-way driver configuration that feeds a 25mm cloth dome tweeter and 16.5cm woofer and has a rear-firing bass reflex port for extra low-end oomph.

Elac claims that the midrange drivers’ woven aramid fibre cones are stiffer and damper to polypropylene or paper, allowing the well regarded speaker designer Andrew Jones more flexibility in achieving a smoother, extended frequency range. The speakers perform very well and offer a well balanced sound overall. There is plentiful detail especially when listening too the classical and jazz tracks.


Good overall sound.
Flat response.
Punchy low end.
Detailed sound stage.


Lacks dynamics.
Slightly coarse treble in some tracks.

3. Dali Spektor 2 Bookshelf Speakers

The Spektor 2’s have the gene with Dali’s strengths which are agility, articulate nature and ofcourse splendidly exterior finish.

They’re excellent performers, the vocals have excellent presence and passion & musical instruments come through with lots of energy and power. They even stay composed when pushed to high volumes, keeping tracks organized into an involving and musically entertaining avenue of interest.


Dynamics are good.
Well built with great exterior fit and finish.
Full bodied sound with plentiful punch in low end.


Are not sensitive, meaning need a good wattage amplifier to bring them to life.
The overall sound-stage lacks a bit, feels a bit small.

4. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers

The overall build quality is quite decent for a pair of budget bookshelf speakers. They finishing is at par with the price point. The grills and the plastic pattern on it restrict the output of tweeter, which was kind of unexpected.

The overall sound quality is impressive at this price point, and acclaimed designer Andrew Jones does a fabulous job of presenting us with loudspeakers which sound well balanced , smooth and to be honest impressive for budget bookshelf speakers. The bass from 4 inch woofers definitely lacks the extension of larger drivers but its without any unwanted peaks in bass which tend to distort the mids. The transition between tweeter and mid range is smooth thanks to the extraordinary crossover network in play.


Budget price point.
Excellent mid range performance.
Ability to maintain composure at decent volumes.


The grills restrict the output of tweeter considerably.
Fit and Finish could have been tad better.
They feel lightly built.

5. Polk Audio Signature S15 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio Signature S15s are what every audio enthusiast needs. These are small, expensive looking, great performing loudspeakers at a great price point too. The quality of materials used is amazing and so are the overall looks.

Like most bookshelf speakers these are a 2 way design speakers, employing a decent 5.25″ woofer for mid-range and bass performance which shows its muscle when listening to. Although the speaker does not have the flattest response in room , the incredible bass response makes them a nice speaker to listen to. The treble feels a little too in your face sometimes albeit towing or angling the speaker outwards negates the problem a bit. So overall a decent pair of bookshelves with good wow factor.


Awesome bass performance.
Expensive looks.
Good sound-stage and presentation.


Treble is a little overwhelming at times.
There is a slight bump in response in upper bass region.

6. Q ACOUSTICS 3020I Bookshelf Speakers

Q Acoustics 3020I are a mid-range offering from the British audio brand Q Acoustics. They are made from simplest materials and are designed minimally, however it just shows what good engineering and good designing can get you. They are elegant with a sense of understated appeal to them.

From the get go they sound dull, or do they? Well they don’t have any special humps in bass or extra bit of treble response which probably means they are far more transparent then you would believe, and that’s a good thing. They not only sound good at their price point but then some more. Bass has authority to it and packs decent force. Vocals and timbre tonality hit the sweet spot. Treble is also just right there, without bordering harshness. They have a wide sweet spot and a good sound stage to them.


Excellent overall performance.
Decent & tight bass.
Good for all kinds of music.


Light weight construction.
Lack the oomph factor.

7. Boston Acoustics A 25 Bookshelf Speaker

The A 25s are very well built and finished which is in contrast to the price at which they are offered. The front and rear are finished in faux leather while the sides are gloss black. Overall look are decent.

Speakers perform really good for their price bracket. The dynamics are really up there and these fill the room with music. Similarly bass is also good and it sounds best if placed away from rear wall. On the other hand if we put them near rear wall the port noise from rear really distorts the speakers output. Overall these are great speakers with decent output and power handling and present the listener with spectacular sonic sounds-stage.


Value for money price point.
Decent output and power levels,
Good dynamics.
Premium fit and finish.


Rear port is a spoilsport, if placed near rear walls, it colors the sound.
The response and some issues which need to be taken care of.

8. Klipsch RP-500M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers

Klipsch is a renowned name in Hi-Fi industry and RP-500m are their mid-sized offering in bookshelves. The Klipsch bookshelf speakers are well built, have lots of heft and look classy. Additionally the speakers are well damped and free from resonances.

Put these in a room and they sound big, the horn loading brings dynamics which a conventional tweeter simply cannot provide. Correspondingly bass from the woofer is decent and compliments the treble and mids nicely. The horn certainly has the in your face kind of sound but the kind of dynamics they bring to the table are noteworthy. They need very little power to energize a small or mid sized room thank to their highly sensitive drivers and can reach high volumes without sounding distorted or off balance.


Superb dynamics.
Need little power to come to life.
High volume capability.
Good sound stage and presentation and separation of instruments.


Horn loaded sound is not everyone’s taste.
They are pricey.
The bass gets drowned in mids and highs in certain tracks, needs a subwoofer.

9. Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers

Monitor Audio Bronze 2’s are a gorgeous looking, fabulously crafted bookshelf pair. They are finished in furniture grade quality and as a result they look really beautiful. The build itself is great and reeks of quality.

The bookshelves come with gold dome tweeter and 6.5″ bass drivers and the sound and grandness puts some floor-standers to shame. The treble is sharp and precise, with a sold bass performance especially if the room is not overly large. They are provided with port plugs should you feel the bass getting boomy when placed near walls. Overall sonic presentation is grand and sound stage is that of far bigger speakers. The mid range does seem think sometimes but nothing too much to worry about. Composure and balance is maintained even when they are pushed hard.


Solid performer all around.
Good bass.
They are gorgeous to look at.
Big and wide sound-stage.


Slightly lacking mid range.
Tweeter can sound harsh to some.

10. Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ Bookshelf Speakers

Emotivas’ revised offering in form of bookshelf speakers is the B1+ model. Like all loudspeakers in their Airmotiv line this bookshelf loudspeaker boasts of a ribbon/Air Motion Transducer (AMT) paired with woven fiber mid/woofer driver. The finish is simple black vinyl. Moreover faceted baffle looks radical while reducing edge diffraction.

The sound reproduction is excellent and the treble and mids are airy, smooth and feel fast. Moreover musical transients are easily handled and are reproduced with articulation. Further they never sounded fatiguing even at high volumes and are very crisp and right there at all times. The bass is just apt, however its not anemic by any means. The overall presence that these speakers present is grand and no matter where you sit in the room the horizontal dispersion of the tweeters envelop you and they immerse you in musicality.


Fast and smooth treble.
Wide dispersion makes a wide sweet spot.
Good overall response.
Price is decent.


Not the best finishes out there.
The need for subwoofer will be felt by many.

Best Bookshelf Speakers You Can Buy In India

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