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Premier Headphones Under 2000

Top Rated And Best Headphones In India Under ₹ 2000.

Below is a list of best Headphones you can buy in India under ₹ 2000.

Headphones can make or break the experience of watching movies, series or just listening to music. For the same reasons headphones need to bring out and be able to reproduce the audio content dynamically and with necessary force and clarity.

Additionally headphones are usually more comfortable as they don’t poke inside the ear canals and more importantly create a much better sound stage since these don’t bypass the outer ear.

Given the variety of options available selecting the best can be difficult and tedious, therefore we make it easy with the following listed headphones under ₹ 2000.

Sennheiser HD 206 Headphones

OneOdio Pro 10 Studio Headphones

Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones

JBL Tune 500 Powerful Bass On-Ear Headphones with Mic

Philips UpBeat TAUH201BK On-Ear Headphones

1. Sennheiser HD 206 Headphones

30mm drivers, 24 ohms, no-microphone

The Sennheiser HD 206 are a stylish pair of wired headphones. These are an over ear design which are supremely comfortable to wear. Although they lack the premium feel of some more expensive cans, they are well built and quite sturdy. Thanks to their tow tone color finish this pair of headphones look rich and elegant.

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The headphones produce fabulous quality of music which is very well balanced. Bass packs a punch and and is without any boominess, it might not rattle your heads but its very clean and fast. Exceptional mid-range output means tracks are reproduced with superior accuracy and excellent instrument separation. Even the treble response is decent although admittedly it borders on harshness ever so rarely. To conclude the Sennheiser HD 206 are truly enjoyable and perhaps one of the very best headphones under ₹ 2000 in India.


Excellent quality audio.
Stylish and elegant looks.
Comfortable fitting.
Convenient long cable.


No microphone.

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2. OneOdio Pro 10 Studio Headphones

50mm drivers, 32 ohms, audio-share, detachable cable

OneOdio Pro 10 headphones are a premium offering (ironically) in this budget segment of wired headphones. The Pro 10 headphones are quite heavy and large and very well built thanks to use of good quality plastics and metals in the headband. The build profile is studio like hence feels quite rich and premium. Despite the bulk and thanks to comfy and plush cushioning the comfort levels are very good.

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The OneOdio Pro 10 headphones have a good audio response curve. The bass has excellent depth and it punches without any muddiness. However bass can overpower the sound-stage sometimes. Similarly mid-range and treble are superb and present music in a well balanced way. In short the OneOdio Pro 10 headphones are a superb buy and one of the best headphones under ₹ 2000.


Great audio quality.
Comfortable fitting.
Superb and sturdy build.
Detachable cable and audio sharing port.


Mid range can be a bit recessed on some tracks.

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3. Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones

30mm drivers, 24 ohms

The Sony MDR-XB450 headphones are a budget yet impressively built pair. The swiveling ear-cups have a concentric metallic styling which mimics a vinyl or a CD depending on how you look at it. Although the headphones have been made of plastic they seem relatively well made and durable, not to forget that thy are fold-able. Thankfully the cable is serrated, flat and therefore tangle free. On a different but related note, the headphones are comfortable although the headband is devoid of any padding.

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The Sony XB series of headphones and earphones are supposed to have extra bass and this is exactly what these headphones offer. In other words the bass is strong, clean and overemphasized. As a result of extra bass the mids are a bit hollow and recessed. The highs are present with good clarity albeit they are a bit laid back. To summarize Sony XB450 headphones are a funky looking, bass heavy pair of headphones and subsequently one of the best headphones under 2000 rupees in India.


Superb bass.
Comfortable, sturdy build.
Eye catching looks.
Tangle free flat cable.


Mediocre mid-range performance.
No headband padding.

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4. JBL Tune 500 Powerful Bass On-Ear Headphones

32mm drivers, 32 ohms

The JBL Tune 500 are an uncomplicated and simple looking pair of headphones. The quality of plastics is good and they feel adequately well built. Likewise the comfort levels are good and padding and cushioning seems apt. Furthermore the cable is flat and the headphones can fold up which increases their portability.

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JBL Tune 500 have a somewhat warm sound signature. For example they have excellent bass output which will satisfy everyone. However the mid-range is a bit veil and as a result instrument separation suffers. On the other hand treble is smooth and wholesome although lacking a bit in extension. In short the JBL Tune 500 headphones perform decently especially when considering their sub ₹ 2000 price.


Satisfactory build.
Plenty of bass.
Decent levels of comfort.
Flat cable.


Lackluster mid-range output.
Elementary design.

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5. Philips UpBeat TAUH201BK On-Ear Headphones

32mm driver, 32 ohms

The Philips UpBeat TAUH201BK are a very simple and cleanly designed pair of wired headphones. The looks are simple but functional as-in they are quite comfortable. Thanks to use of good quality of plastics the build feels adequately sturdy. The UpBeat headphones seems to be very well made with a smooth finish all around.

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Coming to the sound quality of Philips TAUH201BK headphones it is evidently clear that their sound profile is quite neutral. There is decent mid-range performance and instruments and vocals shine. However highs are a bit disappointing and lack in details and crispness. On the upside the bass is good and packs a decent punch. In totality the Philips UpBeat wired headphones are a good option and one of best headphones under 2000 rupees in India.


Neutral sound profile.
Simple looks and good construction.
Decent microphone performance.


Treble response is less than ideal.
Wires are bit thin.

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Best Wired Headphones Under INR 2000.

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