Increase Performance of AC and Refrigerators

Before Giving Up On Your AC Or Refrigerator Use These Tips To Increase Their Performance.

Best Ideas To Increase Performance Appliances

Firstly all refrigeration products need adequate ventilation to function effectively. Good ventilation not only means increase in performance of AC or Refrigerator but also its efficiency, i.e, they consume less electricity.

Lets dive deeper and understand best usage practices and some tips and tricks that will ensure long life and sustained performance.

Before you proceed do note that we are not responsible for any mishap/damage/problems/loss that may or may not arise due to the use of following instructions or reading of this post / blog / weblog. We highly recommend and advice that you have your appliance professionally serviced/repaired. We are not responsible by any means and you agree to it if you decide to proceed. You may damage your appliance completely, loose warranty and can get electrocuted too, you have been warned!

Best Practices To Increase Performance Of Air Conditioner and Fridge

Ventilation: To Increase Performance of AC and Refrigerator

Every appliance and electric device needs a certain amount of ventilation for its minimum operation. This is especially true for all appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners which deal with heat in their core functionality. Accordingly the more the ventilation of these products the better they perform especially during summers when ambient temperatures are high. A relatively low ambient temperature can be achieved thanks to good ventilation. This ensures that the coils are relatively cool and that in turn reduces the stress on the compressor. Subsequently it works more effectively consuming relatively less energy.

Air conditioners installed in a shaft, or an enclosed place cause ventilation issue. The exhaust blows on to itself and does not escape properly thereby increases the temperature of the surrounding of AC. Consequently AC performs with reduced performance and higher electricity consumption or in worst case trip up. To counter this install the AC at a place with adequate ventilation and space around the AC / outdoor unit. Or install an exhaust fan to help AC deal with the heat.

In the case of refrigerators placing them too close to rear or side wall causes issues. This is counter productive as the side walls and condenser coil of refrigerator start to warm up. This reduces the cooling of refrigerator and in worst can cause compressor to shut off. To tackle this you can turn on a fan or exhaust fan in the kitchen so as to aid in ventilation in case your refrigerator is struggling to keep its contents cool. And also make sure that there is sufficient space all around the refrigerator.

Clean Coils: To Increase Air Flow and Reduce Electricity Consumption

Clean evaporator coil and condenser coil also facilitate in efficient and fast cooling. For the uninitiated the evaporator coil on the inside / IDU of an air conditioner helps cool the indoors. Besides that another function is to pick up heat and if it is clogged or dirty its capacity to do both is reduced. As a result cooling performance suffers. You can use a coil cleaner yourself or better yet employ a professional to do a thorough cleaning and service. You can run the air conditioner on fan only mode for 1-2 hours and feel the effect as this dries the coils and increases its efficiency immediately.

Same goes for the condenser coils, the fan consistently is supposed to blow the air through the coils to cool them. But clogged and choked coils can reduce that ability to a great degree, resulting in ambient temperatures to rise and maybe even cause the compressor to trip. The overall effect is of an underperforming AC no matter how powerful it is. Moreover it can consume a lot more electricity too. Therefore the ideal solution is to clean the coils using a coil cleaner or employing services of a professional.

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Seals: To Increase Performance of AC and Refrigerator

The most common issue is leakage of cool air into the outdoor and open space. Improper seal can greatly mar the performance of your refrigeration product be it the AC or be it the refrigerator. This not only decreases the net performance but also increases electricity consumption as compressor works longer duration to reach needed temperature. How to solve this? Well for window air conditioners look for for open spaces gaps around the window and try to close them using any means necessary. The most effective way to close gap around window air conditioner and its fitting is using silicone caulk. Besides being effective, its cheap, can be done as DIY and can be removed easily when needed.

Seal issues pertaining to refrigerators can be directly attributed to hardened, misshaped, cracked rubber door gasket seal. As a result of this improper seal he cool air inside the refrigerator/freezer leaks outside with a steady pace. Subsequently the refrigerator takes longer time to reach its desired temperature or fails in reaching altogether. Moreover the electricity consumption goes through the roof. Its easy to fix a misshaped or bent rubber seal. First clean it with warm water sponge and then apply Vaseline to it, very small amounts to soften it. In a days time it will be back to its shape and will start to seal the door like new, saving electricity and making refrigerator effective. However if the door seal is broken or cracked beyond repair an immediate replacement should be installed.

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Location of Install: Save Electricity and Increase Performance

Installing the outdoor of split AC where there is sunlight all day long is a bad choice! Therefore the ideal place should be where a minimum of sunlight and subsequently infrared light reaches the outdoor. This tactic will keep the compressor comparatively cool and hence more efficient and effective. The same goes for refrigerator and window AC. While sometimes there might not be a choice but if there is, that should be the preferred location. Moreover installing a shade above the ODU and window AC will also help increase the performance.

Dry Summer: Reduce Load On Compressor and Increase Performance

When the weather is dry and hot, sometimes a splash or two of water on the evaporator coil can ease the stress on compressor. This in turn prevents the compressor from tripping up and help it cope in extreme conditions. The tone of the compressor will relax the moment you splash 2 cups of water on the coils reducing the load and increasing performance instantly.


  1. Clean the filters and coils: Dust and debris can block the air flow and reduce the efficiency of an air conditioner and refrigerator. Therefore it is essential to clean the filters and coils regularly to keep them running smoothly and optimally.
  2. Keep air ducts clear: Objects blocking the air ducts can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and refrigerator. Make sure the air ducts are clear of furniture, curtains or other such objects.
  3. Set a comfortable temperature: An air conditioner or refrigerator may not work as well if the temperature setting is too high or low. Set the temperature to a comfortable level for the best performance.
  4. Use the units wisely: Overusing an air conditioner or refrigerator can put extra wear and tear on the unit and reduce its efficiency. Use them only when needed and with right temperature setting.
  5. Keep temperature stable: Sudden temperature changes can cause your air conditioner or refrigerator to work harder. Keep the temperature stable with little variations for better performance.
  6. Insulate your home: Insulation can reduce the energy needed to cool your home and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner.
  7. Keep units away from heat sources: Placing your air conditioner or refrigerator near heat-generating appliances or under direct sunlight can reduce its efficiency. Keep the unit away from stoves, ovens, and other heat sources.

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