Best Wired Earphones You Can Buy For ₹ 2000

Tired Of Searching For An Apt Pair Of Earphones With Good Quality Sound? Therefore We Present Top 10 Earphones You Can Buy In India For Less Than 2000 .

1. Sony MDR XB55 in-Ear Headphones

12 mm drivers, microphone

Sony MDR XB55 headphones or earphones as some people like to call them are a pair which are an example of how a pair of phones designed for personal music and entertainment should sound like and these reek durability. For instance these have a durable, finely grooved serrated cable which also reduces tangling. The design of the pods itself is intriguing and looks very slick, the casing has got a metallic finish to it. In conclusion The XB55s look premium, durable and give you the feeling that a lot of time and effort has been put into designing them. Available in Blue, Black and White colors.

On the audio front, the sound coming through them is full and entertaining. The extra bass ‘XB’ keeps the sound boosted and in-turn the listener engaged. These have angular pod and as a result these offer comfortable fit and enhanced noise isolation. Even when pushed hard this pair of Sony extra bass headphones don’t ever loose their balance, never once did they sound distorting. Enough talk about bass, we cant simply forget the mids and highs, after all mids is where we live (our voices are a part of mid-range) and these earphones are equally good at putting out quality treble and mid-range. It is noteworthy that enough separation is maintained always between lows and highs. Overall one excellent performer, with quality build.

  • Strong bass.
  • Durable yet lightweight construction.
  • Premium looks.
  • High SPL /volume capability.
  • The extra bass may overwhelm and make sound muddy in certain tracks.

2. Sennheiser CX 80s in Ear Earphone with Mic

9.7 mm drivers, microphone

Whenever we think about natural sounding earphones, Sennheiser is one name that can never escape us. Enter CX 80s, there are another example of a fine product from the house of Sennheiser and this particular pair not only has to better the high standard set by CX 180 but also perform the duty of a mid budget earphones and compete with the best from other brands. Overall fit and finish is premium and quality of materials is decent, all though a lot is left to be desired on the durability of the cord. Made of hard plastic with some metallic look to it, it sure gets some heads turning.

Once worn, they offer a comfortable fit in the ear canals and noise isolation is at par with other headphones. Sennheisers’ have the natural sound signature that comes along the package and is taken for granted with all their headphones, wired and wireless. The balance is right on the sweet spot and the overall tonality is rich and very pleasing to listen to. These do have some improvements in the bass department over the CX180 and CX275. The volume is a low when compared with headphones of 16 ohms impedance and that’s a trait which is dependent on the impedance of headphones compared with power available in the device. In totality these are a great pair of headphones for those who like natural balanced sound.

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Natural sound output.
  • Good noise isolation.
  • Balanced character of sound.
  • Cord is thin, durability is a concern.
  • Overall volume may be low for some devices.

3. JBL Endurance Run Sweat-Proof Sports in-Ear Headphones with Microphone

8.2mm drivers, microphone

If you are searching for a pair of headphones which can take the brunt of your workout in gym, in the field or while you jog, yet sound nice and does not drain your wallet then the JBL Endurance Run are the pair you are looking for. To start with these have an IPX5 rating which means these are sweatproof. The overall designing helps them to be worn in 2 ways and the magnetized buds attach together and do not dangle when not in use. The silicone tips are soft and provide good grip while not hurting the ears, JBLs fancy name for it is TwistLock and FlexSoft. Available in black, blue, teal, red and yellow colors.

Endurance Run headphones provide with good quality sound for when your are engaged in physical activity. The 8.2mm drivers push hard to deliver sonic nuances of high grade headphones but are unable to get the full attention of the listener. The timbre of sound is very natural and the depth that they add to sound accentuates the overall experience. The treble and mids never break apart even when pushed to the highest SPLs but the same cant be said for bass. To summarize the call quality is good and with the high position of microphone the voice transmitted has depth and good texture to it.

  • IPX5 certification means they can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.
  • Sturdy build can withstand abuse.
  • Decent overall sound.
  • Excellent microphone quality.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Bass is a bit laid back.
  • Cable is not tangle free.

4. Soundmagic E10C in-Ear Wired Headphones with Mic

10mm drivers, microphone

From Europe with love! E10C headphones are a pair of premium headphones from the bin of Soundmagic. This particular offering is made in two-tone metal and a premium tangle free cable, the product exudes richness. The elegant looks will appeal to everyone’s taste and the premium yet sturdy build will extend the overall durability of the product. You get some extra connectors in the kit to use these headphones with a variety of equipment. Usually available in black, blue, red and gold colors.

Soundmagic has been crafting headphones for over a decade now and their experience of this is clearly reflected in the character that this product exhibits. When sound is played through them they present the listener with audio reproduction that is fabulous. Great highs, clean mid-range and vocals, enough low end grunt, it has it all. This pair has all tell-a-tale signs of the prefect headphone pair… if not for the slightly high impedance at 46 ohms.

  • Superb overall sound.
  • Rich sound signature will please all.
  • Excellent dynamics and tonality.
  • Premium, rich build which seems durable.
  • 46 ohms impedance means these will lack the output when paired with a device with mediocre power.

5. Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK In-Ear Headphones

12.2mm drivers, microphone

The Philips Hi-Res PRO6305 headphones are a powerhouse. Th overall looks are simple, elegant and classy. They hard plastic construction of the ear pods is sturdy with a metallic gloss shine to it, gives it a rich feel. Pressure points are reinforced to help cope with abuse that the PRO6305 maybe subject to. The in-ear fitting is comfortable thanks to angled pods. Philips have designed a maestro pair of headphones in the from of PRO6305s.

Given the stiff competition in this price bracket and the high standards set by the competitors Philips have done a remarkably job well in tuning the headphones to sound the way they do. The overall signature is laid back and warm and this will please all. Expecting boatloads of bass will land you some disappointment because these are not bass boosted. Sound presentation is dynamic despite the warmth and there is inherent sharpness to highs and treble which indicate the natural tonality in them. Vocals are presented in a timbre which sounded just as pleasing. In result these are a good value for money headphones and can compete with the best in similar price range.

  • Hi-Res certification.
  • Detailed sound presentation with superb instrument separation.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • 12mm driver in this range.
  • Neutral bass wont please all.

6. Focal Sense 100SI in-Ear Earphones

8mm drivers, microphone

Focal is a brand which is famous and known not only for its high performance HI-Fi audio gear and equipment, but is also famous and renowned for craftsmanship and high build quality. Sense 100SI is a result of some exquisite workmanship, designing and choice of materials. The pods are metal and UV coated, the cable is flat (upbraided). As a result the overall build is good even for a pair of phones with an additional zero behind the price. Although the connector is straight the overall durability of the same should be right up to mark.

In the sound department the Focals impress with the finesse in which they put out mid-range and treble, its upfront and straight. Bass on the other hand is more neutral and some might feel it to be a bit lacking. Focal Sense 100SI can handle plentiful volume and can get reasonably loud even with a modest amplifier as a result of their 16ohms impedance. The dynamics are right up there and sudden bursts in volume are handled with ease without ever feeling strained or muddy.

  • Extraordinary build quality with premium materials.
  • Hi Fi mid range and treble.
  • Get loud without strain.
  • Bass is on neutral side.

7. JBL LIVE100 in-Ear Headphones

8mm drivers, microphone

With Live100 JBL has put together a formidable pair of in-ear headphones that sound fantastic. It is clear that the focus has been only on the comfort levels and sonic with these pair of headphones. Neither do they look cheap nor do they look premium but yes they are classy and look the part. The semi braided cable together with reinforced points of stress will certainly help these absorb a certain amount of wear and tear. These are available in black, white, blue and green colors.

Impactful sound has always been a forte of JBL and similar traits are seen in abundance with the LIVE100 headphones. As a result there is explosive bass present with lots of richness and fullness. The mids are also straight forwarded and present with a timbre which is more in lines with Hi-Fi gear. Treble is a bit of weak spot for them, not that they lack treble or highs, its just that the overall instrument separation lacks just a bit and as a result the fidelity suffers. Nonetheless a great performer and a very well built pair of headphones.

  • Excellent bass.
  • Good sturdy build.
  • Wide and dynamic sound-stage.
  • Treble could have been a bit better.

8. Pioneer Fully Enclosed Dynamic SE-C1T Headphones

9mm drivers, microphone

Pioneer SE-C1T headphones look like they have been taken out from an inflight entertainment system, such is the overall look that they exhibit, but don’t let that fool you into the overall quality of the construction which is nothing short of decent. Although the look plain and monotonous with the unified colors from tip to toe they seem to be made to last. The cable it self is thick and feels durable. As a result they may not look premium or look stylish but certainly look durable. Available in a variety of colors usually.

Sound quality is the one of the most important factors in choosing and selecting a pair of headphones to buy and once you listed to a track trough them you will be spell bound and forced to buy these. Yes, these put out quality music through their 9mm drivers and overall the balance of sound is neutral and laid back.

  • Good overall sound.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Neutral sound.
  • Monotonous looks.
  • Neutral sound character will be not to everyones taste.

9. Skullcandy Inkd Plus in-Earphone with Mic

10mm drivers, microphone

Do you need a pair of headphones in your favorite color? Regardless of your answer do read on since the Skullcandy Inkd Plus wired headphones are not only available in as many as 8 colors but also because they sound good. Cable length is on the longer side… of well many things. The overall construction is of decent quality although a bit plasticky given the price. The fitting of earbuds is comfortable and the noise isolation that they provide is decent.

Audio quality is good, with focused mid-range and treble, the bass is smooth and is very pleasing and comfortable to listen to. The headphones do not cause any fatigue even for extended duration of listening thanks to a comfortable and swap-able fit. The mids and highs are clear and the vocals are presented with depth. Overall these are value for money performers.

  • Many color options.
  • Long cable.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Sound compression at high volumes

10. Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Wired in-Ear Headphones

9mm drivers, no microphone

Beyerdynamic is a brand you actually cant go wrong with. Plastic casing, simplistic but design, clearly the focus is on sound quality. The cable and overall construction seems to be durable. The result of plastic casing is light weighted pods which are comfortable to wear. Conclusively the Beat Byrds are built with only focus on performance and looks, subject to price range.

Th Beat Byrd headphones are tuned to please people with all tastes and prefers no one genre over the other. The ever so slightly recessed mid range gives them a good groove and overall the sound reproduction is flawless. As the volume is increased the balance is a bit lost, with things getting a little muddy.

  • Comfortable fitting.
  • Slightly recessed mids, makes it groovy.
  • Looses composure at loud volumes.
  • No microphone.
  • Simple and uninspiring looks.

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