Best Bluetooth Headphones Under ₹ 5000 In India

Below Are Best Bluetooth and Wireless Headphones Under ₹ 5000.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones You Can Buy Under 5000

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones In India Under ₹ 5000.

Following is a list of some of the very best Bluetooth and wireless headphones you can buy in India for around 5000.

While Bluetooth headphones are available for as low as early 3 digit figures, the idea of investing in expensive headphones is to get even better sound.

Besides the obvious already stated it is imperative that the battery is good too. Finally headphones should be ergonomic and comfortable. While the variety available causes confusion Buy.Guru reviews will help you decisively.

Philips TAH6506BK / 00 ANC Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser HD 250BT On Ear Wireless Headphone

Philips Performance TAPH802BK Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Tribit QuietPlus 72 Bluetooth Headphones

JBL Tune 700BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Panasonic RB-M500B Wireless Headphones

Avantree Audition Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Over the Ear

JBL E45BT Signature Sound Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Edifier W828NB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Motorola Escape 800 ANC Wireless Headphones

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

boAt Nirvanaa 715 ANC Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

1. Philips TAH6506BK / 00 ANC Bluetooth Headphones

32mm drivers, microphone, 30 hours battery, ANC, wired-option

Philips TAH6506BK are a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that are neatly designed, albeit Bristol fashion! They house 32MM drivers and therefore are not as bulky. Moreover these wireless headphones have an air of eliteness to them. Thanks to plush cushioning combined with a relative light weight provide a comfortable fit. However these headphones are made from plastic mostly consequently the build is just adequate and not particularly confidence inspiring.

Equipped with 32mm drivers the audio quality of these wireless Bluetooth headphones is far from tawdry. The bass from these headphones is surprisingly clear and punchy, there are hints of muddiness and compression but that happens at really loud volumes. Likewise the midrange is accurate and the they take the center stage quite confidently and with poise, precision. Unfortunately treble is a little off balance and not the most accurate, don’t let that dampen your spirits though as for most part to the casual listener they will sound superb. Its only if you listen critically that indications of coarse and dull mid-treble will emerge. Be that as it may these wireless headphones are inestimably one of the best wireless headphones under ₹ 5000 in India.


Fabulous audio quality.
Comfortable fit.
Lasting battery life.
ANC capability.


All plastic build.
Treble is uneven.

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2. Sennheiser HD 250BT On Ear Wireless Headphones

32mm drivers, microphone, 25 hours battery

Sennheiser has made quite a name for itself by selling premium quality headphones and earphones. While they are made entirely out of plastic, the overall build quality seems decent. Likewise ear cup cushioning is good and very soft. However the headband lacks padding of any kind. Since the overall weight of headphones is light comfort levels are good. Lastly the battery can power these for a good 25 long hours. Available in black color.

On the audio quality and sound front the Sennheiser headphones are really good. The bass is rich and strong and is clean. Similarly treble is airy and never gets sibilant. However the mid range is a bit lean and laid back. Therefore this pair makes listening to dance songs, EDM tracks very enjoyable. Although the volume needed to be pushed a bit high the headphones never seemed to loose focus. Accordingly it would be fair to say that the Sennheiser HD250BT are one of most enjoyable and perhaps one of the best wireless headphones under 5000 in India.


Strong bass and decent highs.
Long lasting battery.
Good comfortable fitting.
Non fatiguing sound.


Mediocre build.
Naked wires take away the overall effect.

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3. Philips Performance TAPH802BK Hi-Res Audio Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 30 hours battery

Philips TAPH802BK are a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones that have unique design elements which are a perfect example of function over form. For example the padding on headband is uneven to give an unwearied fit. Similarly the cushioning on ear pads is also uneven to wrap seamlessly around ear contours. Subsequently the fitting and comfort levels are top notch. Overall construction is durable and seems to be of high quality. Available in black color only.

Fitted with big 40mm drivers the sound reproduced through these headphones is very engaging. Case in point the mid range and highs are produced with smoothness and without a fuss, with some great vocals and instrument separation. Additionally the sound is detailed and resolving. Similarly bass is also good and adds a good punch to the music, without any muddiness or distortion. In conclusion these are a very musical pair of wireless headphones and consequently can be termed as one of best wireless headphones under 5000 Rupees in India.


Excellent audio quality.
Comfortable fit.
Very good battery.
Hi-Res certification.


Squeaky build.

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4. Tribit QuietPlus 72 Bluetooth Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 30 hours battery, ANC, CVC

Tribit QuietPlus 72 Bluetooth headphones carry forward the well acclaimed design elements of original QuietPlus’. Moreover the ear pads are made from rich form fitting cushions. Comfortable padding, rotatable ear pads, rich matte finishing all but point to the high build quality of this pair of headphones. In more good news battery life is rated at long 30 hours of usage and charged via a USB-C port. Available in only black color.

High build quality calls for high quality sound reproduction too, and the QuietPlus 72 do not disappoint. Firstly the headphones deliver rich treble which is cohesive and offers amazing instrument separation. Secondly the mid range is also output with paramount clarity and transparency. Finally the bass is clean and punchy. However expecting subsonic rumble or excessive punch will disappoint you. Furthermore on the processing side Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and CVC work very well and are added bonuses missing from some of the other headphones in this price band. To sum up the Tribit QuietPlus 72 headphones are an excellent buy and one of the finest and best wireless headphones under 5000 in India.


Good overall sound reproduction.
Long lasting battery.
ANC, CVC and carry case are added bonuses.
Comfortable and durable build.


No EQ option.
Bass is a tiny bit laid back.

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5. JBL Tune 700BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 27 hours battery

The JBL Tune 700BT wireless headphones have a sleek, premium look thanks to the matte and minimalist design profile. It would seem that these headphones are built to last however don’t test that. While the battery has a capacity to power these for 27 hours an alternative wired mode is provided too, like most other wireless headphones. Thanks to the quality of materials used in cushioning, comfort levels are really good. 700BTs are available in 4 color options namely black, blue, white and red colors.

Next we dive into how this pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones sound and the overall impressions are really good. The sound quality through the 40 mm drivers is fantastic and really good. They present the listener with rich bass, clear vocals, fast and airy highs. As a result the sound as stated is really accurate and well balanced. Despite that bass heads will feel the bass to be lacking because these do not put out earth shattering bass. On the contrary the lows are neutral a hint of punch. In conclusion JBL Tune 700BT are one of the best wireless headphones under 5000 Rupees, especially if you dig neutral and balanced sound.


Solid durable build.
Great overall sound quality.
Very good battery life.
Comfortable cushioning.
Call quality is good.


Fatigue sets in after a little while of usage, as the headband clamping force is strong.
Bass could have been better.

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6. Panasonic RB-M500B Wireless Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 30 hours battery, wired-option

The RB-M500B are a pair of wireless headphones designed for bass-heads Panasonic. Clearly the RB-M500B look identical to the RB-M700B. Subsequently the overall build is similar i.e., they re made from plastic with metal internals, with same durable feel. Moreover the finish is smooth with a minimal yet elegant design. One big difference here is the mechanism of ear-cups, unfortunately these smaller siblings lack swivel in the ear cups. Therefore the fitting is not as comfortable, despite the same levels of padding and cushioning. However the battery life is good as its rated for 30 hour rated runtime.

These wireless headphones are fitted with 40mm drivers. As a result they have powerful bass with lots of rumble and punch. In addition to quantity the quality of lows are also good, with bass being fast and deep. The midrange is shallow and makes vocals sound thin and unrevealing. Thankfully the treble is cohesive and dynamic. Moreover the texture is smooth therefore cymbals and hi hats sound perfect. Subsequently the highs are revealing and detailed. Furthermore the microphone is decent and as a result call quality is acceptable. Are these headphones good? Yes, as far as Bluetooth headphones under ₹ 5000 go these Panasonics are definitely one of the best.


Well built, durable construction.
Good audio performance.
Lasting battery life.


Mid range is laid back.
Fitting is not ideal.
Flimsy buttons.

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7. Avantree Audition Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 40 hours battery

Avantree Audition wireless headphones are a pair of headphones with one of best battery capacity. To be specific, these headphones can last a long 40 hours on a single charge. Moving on, the overall construction of these headphones is decent and sturdy. Similarly ear-pads are comfortable just as the headband which is padded. Available in a single black color only.

The sound quality from these cans are good and the sound signature has a warm tone that will please all. Likewise the balance of sound is good and it presents the entire spectrum with a neutral and non fatiguing tone. Although there is sound leakage even at moderate volumes, the listener is not deprived of volume levels. In conclusion these are a fantastic pair of wireless headphones under ₹ 5000 price range.


Comfortable fit.
Humongous battery.
Good noise isolation.


Apparent noise leakage.
Availability can be an issue.

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8. JBL E45BT Signature Sound Wireless On-Ear Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 16 hours battery

The JBLE45BT are a decent pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones with an on-ear fit. Although they are made from plastic like almost all others in this price range they feel a bit plasticky. Moreover the noise isolation is subpar. With a rated 16 hour usage of battery these should easily last you a few days before the need to be plugged in. Available in black, red and white colors.

JBL audio products are usually a have a good sound independent of the build quality and materials used and this particular pair of headphones is no exception. The overall sound quality and balance is good and they perform decently and will be good for most. While the overall sound is not bad a lot is to be desired on the accuracy front. For instance the treble is sibilant in some tracks. Additionally the bass is on the heavier side and although bass lovers will find this delightful it takes away the fidelity of the sound. Thankfully the microphone is decent and consequently call quality was good. To summarize these are a decent pair of wireless headphones which are especially suited for bass lovers.


Decent sound quality.
Good bass.


Plasticky feel.
Sound reproduction lacks overall accuracy.

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9. Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 22 hours battery

Skullcandy is a popular brand amongst millennials and the reason behind that is not only their sound profile and quality but also elegant design language. The Hesh 3s are made of rich plastic and have an understated design to them. However durability seems mediocre given the quality of build at play. The battery life is really good at 22 hours of usage. Available in black, gray and white/crimson color options.

As stated earlier that these are particularly popular among the young as a result of the sound profile that they offer. The bass and treble both are over emphasized and while this is passable for dance tracks and EDM they fare poorly on other genres. Despite the inherent emphasis on bass and treble it is the mid range that shines with exceptional accuracy and tonal reproduction. Perhaps these are good value for money Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones under ₹ 5000 budget especially for mid range lovers who listen to podcasts .


Good looks and decent comfort.
Solid mid-range.
Good battery life.


Bass is sub par.
Build is average.

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10. Edifier W828NB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 25 hours battery, ANC

Wireless headphones have come a long way and now you have many options at affordable prices. Edifier W828NB is one such pair. For starters they have a superb build quality, chic design, premium looks. Edifier sure know how to design a pair! Equally important and worth mentioning is the comfort level, yes these headphones are really comfortable. Additionally they come with laden with a strong 25 hour battery. Available in a black and a white color.

Edifier has made quite a name for itself while selling quality audio product s which sound really good. This pair of ANC headphones take forward that name with a lot of strength and conviction. Let me be clear, the audio quality is really good from these headphones. It hits the right notes with perfect amplitude. Although the bass lacks the oomph in the lowest registers, the bass never feels light or too heavy. Last but not the least these are a good pair of wireless headphones which wont disappoint anyone.


Good sturdy build.
Ergonomic design maintains a tight fit.
Good battery capacity.
Balanced sound output.



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11. Motorola Escape 800 ANC Wireless Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

40mm drivers, 12 hour battery, IPX4, ANC, wired-option

The Motorola Escape 800 are a very smart and stylish looking pair of wireless headphones. Whether its their metal enforced headband or the metallic open-back look, they are quite the eye catcher. The ear pads have decent foam cushioning of good quality although the ear cups are somewhat less spacious. As a result fitting depends on your ear size and so do the comfort levels. In totality these look and feel very durable and sturdy.

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The sound signature of these wireless headphones gives priority to bass. Yes these headphones have good quality bass which wham-bam slams without getting muddy or sounding bloated. Although the mid range is very good and present classical and jazz genres with good accuracy it takes a step backwards as soon as bass steps in. Treble response is fairly fast and precise, the cymbals are well focused and keeps up with the heavy bass. Keeping in mind the passable ANC performance, good looks, and a decent audio profile it would be quite appropriate to say that these are one of the best wireless headphones under 5000 Rupees.


Natural overall audio profile.
Well cushioned ear pads and sturdy build.
Smart and elegant looks.


Somewhat small ear cups.
Mediocre battery life.

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12. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, 30 hours battery

Want to look like a rock-star? Well Marshall Major III can give you that look thanks to their looks which are based on tier iconic guitar amps. The overall build looks premium and of decent quality. Comfort levels are moderate owing to the on-ear design. The battery is rated for long 30 hours of usage. Available in black, white and brown colors.

The Major III / 3 build on the legacy of Marshall audio brand and deliver quality Hi-Fi sound. For example the the mid-range brings out the best in vocals and guitar sound (not surprised here). Likewise the treble is also very good and rarely does it feel overemphasized (yes sometimes it does). On the contrary bass frequencies are rolled off and feel like they give up without ever trying too hard. Despite this the sound is enjoyable and will keep the listener engaged. In short if you wanna standout in a crowd, want to look cool yet not exceed a price range of ₹ 5000 then Major III wireless Bluetooth headphones might just rock you.


Attractive, premium and rich looks.
Decent overall sound.
Comfortable fit.
Good battery life.


Bass is laid back.

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13. boAt Nirvanaa 715 ANC Bluetooth Headphones

40mm drivers, microphone, IPX4, 24 hours battery, ANC

A premium pair of wireless headphones from a budget company should mean a value for money offering. Firstly the earphones have a premium look and feel to them, they seem to be fairly durable too. Secondly it seems that the headphones have some of best feature set in this price budget of ₹ 5000. Lastly the battery life of 24 hours with the ANC turned off is really good. Available in a unique and premium silver color (gray).

With such a and premium build we really hoped that these would be a killer end game pair of wireless headphones. But as it turns out this pair of wireless headphones are mediocre. Specifically bass is present but gets muddy at loud volumes. On the other hand the treble is really smooth and pleasant with superb instrument separation. Somehow ANC improves the overall audio quality and increases the volume capability a bit. Ultimately it would be wise to conclude that Nirvanaa 715s are a very well built pair of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones with premium looks, extraordinary battery but average audio quality.


Comfortable and premium build.
Excellent battery capacity.
Decent mids and highs.
A carry pouch in included.


Muddy bass.
Mediocre audio performance with ANC off.

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Find Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under INR ₹ 5000.

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