Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 soundbar with subwoofer, 5.23″ Woofer

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Build Aspect

The Zeb Juke Bar 3900 is one of the cheapest soundbar that is currently offered by Zebronics. The build quality of this setup is very good and both the units are well built. The soundbar is made from glossy plastic while the subwoofer is made from MDF. Furthermore the sleek and slim profile of both the units make them pleasing to look at all the while being minimalist. The soundbar itself can either be wall mounted or simply placed on the unit. On the whole the unit is well designed and solidly built. We couldn’t help but notice similarities in overall looks and construction to the Boat Aavante 1250.

Performance Aspect

While the Zebronics unit looks similar to the Boat Aavante 1250, lets see if that’s where the similarities end or is this another badge job. The first major difference is the added HDMI ARC port on the Juke Bar 3900, which was missed on the Boat unit and is a nifty input to have. Akin to Boat this soundbar has a total of 3 drivers which cover the entire audible audio spectrum and they are split between subwoofer and soundbar units with the latter having 2 drivers. Primarily this soundbar sounds very good, and it comes as no surprise at all. For instance the treble is clean, articulate while being agile. The mid-range is smooth and instruments are audible with distinction and precision. Finally the subwoofer, if anything it performs its duty presenting and complementing the music and tracks with good and tight punchy bass, well unless pushed too hard. Do note the bass can get boomy at times, however it adds to the overall effect in movie watching especially during action sequences. All things said and done its a worthy contender and probably one of the best soundbar under ₹ 5000 in India you can buy.

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Superb overall sound.
Premium and sleek looks.
Smooth mid-range performance.


Wired subwoofer.
Boomy bass output.

Product Details

  • Zeb-Juke Bar 3900 is a soundbar that has powerful dual 5.7cm drivers and 13.3cm subwoofer to deliver a hi-fidelity cinematic experience right at your home.
  • The soundbar comes with multi-connectivity options like you can enjoy wireless streaming via the BT mode or choose others like USB, AUX, HDMI or coaxial input.
  • The soundbar comes with an LED display with volume/media controls and a fully functional remote control.
  • Output power (RMS)Subwoofer 40 watts Soundbar 40 watts Total 80 watts
  • Driver size Subwoofer 13.3cm x 1Sound bar 5.7cm x 2
  • Impedance Subwoofer 6Ω , Soundbar 4Ω. Frequency response 55Hz-20kHz



Output power (RMS)
Subwoofer 40 watts
Soundbar 40 watts
Total 80 watts
Driver size
Subwoofer 13.3cm x 1
Sound bar 5.7cm x 2
Frequency response 55Hz-20kHz
S/N Ratio ≥66dB
Separation ≥42dB
File format support (USB) Mp3
Line input 3.5mm, Coaxial IN, HDMI (ARC)
Max. supported memory size (USB) 32GB
BT name ZEB-JUKE BAR 3900
BT version 5.0
Product dimension (W x D x H)
Subwoofer 115 x 250 x 420 mm
Sound bar 860 x 71 x 68 mm
Package dimension (W x D x H) 985 x 173 x 402 mm
Net. weight
Subwoofer 3.1 kg
Sound bar 1.7 kg
Total 4.8 kg
Package contents
Sound bar 1 unit
Subwoofer 1 Unit
Remote control 1 Unit
Input cable 1 Unit
Wall mount fasteners 1 Pair
Power adapter 1 Unit
User manual 1 Unit


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